How Can You Realize That Moment to Moment Choices Bring You To Your Desire?


You get what you focus on. As a result, you have a constant stream of thoughts racing through your mind.


It would help if you listened to your words. They create your life.


Nobody wants more of the craziness around or this negativity. But the problem is too many people keep talking about it and keep focusing on it. Notice where you fall in this.


Where is YOUR focus? On what you desire or all that’s happening around you?


Author Pam Grout shared an analogy, “Your thoughts are like a line of ants marching across your picnic blanket. You can choose to obsess over them as they keep on marching straight off the other side of the blanket and disappear, or you can choose to scoop them up and interact with them. Make them your focus. Fuss over them. And they’ll probably bite you too.”


Which side are you on?


Decide what you desire. Keep that where your conversations are and what you allow in.


Notice what is happening for you at this moment. Try to stay as present as possible—this moment.



Too many people are disconnected from how they feel right now. Right now is the focus. What do you need or feel right now? 


That’s why I’m asking you to notice your choices, moment by moment.


Right now, what do you need?


Ask yourself – how do you feel? Honor and listen to what’s the truth, not what you think you should feel or be doing. If you are fretting, what can you do this moment to calm that? Is it breath? Take a walk? Do whatever you can right now. Choose to honor your needs.


Then, focus on how do you want to feel. Most people will say peaceful or loving. Yet, their choices are to continue to live frantically without concentrating on what they desire. There is a significant disconnect between desires and intentions.


I have been thinking lots about well-being and what that is for me. I want to thrive, feel alive and be healthy. So then, I have to define what that is for me. I know what I eat is about 80% of that, and exercise plays a big part. I used to think it was the other way around. Food is medicine. I can especially tell that as I listen to my body. My choices have added weight to my body. I know I need more protein and less sugar and gluten. Yet, my choices have been going in the direction I don’t want. Like for instance, I love chai. When I choose to have it, I noticed that my belly grows from the sugar. I notice that my heart is racing more, and it’s harder to breathe when I’m exercising. The good part is I have become aware of my choices and the impact on my body. Now, my moment-by-moment choices need to be in the direction of my well-being if I want to be true to my desire and myself. Not be overwhelmed by the task or how far away what I want is. Focus on this choice right now. I thrive when I feel good and can move about like I’m imagining.


What SMALL thing can you do right now to begin your journey to that feeling you desire?


Make this a moment of clarity. Aspire higher. Listen to your desires, not old patterns or outside noises.


As Polly Green writes, “The next time you face a challenging situation, hit your internal pause button, breathe, and survey the situation. Don’t panic. Ask yourself, what can I do right now?”


Be realistic but optimistic about the outcome and possibilities for yourself.


Love yourself more. Find more peace and encouragement as you make your desire a reality.


Every choice matters. Celebrate BIG time when you make decisions in the direction you desire to go!


If your choices are not bringing you closer to how you want to feel, STOP right then. Like stop reading or listening to the news. Instead, notice how you feel – like constrictions in your body, the negativity in your head swirling around, and the shallowness in your breathing. They are all signals to help you become more connected to YOU. To make new choices. Connected to what’s truth for you. They are reminders for you to make new choices in the direction of your desire.


As Lindsey Vonn shared, “You won’t succeed every time. But the most important thing is that you try. If you fail, you’ll learn from that, and you’ll get back up.”


That’s the magic of life. You are always receiving messages that can guide you.


The shift is to become connected back to yourself and become aware of what you are noticing and feeling.


Then, make a new choice in the direction of how you want to feel.


It’s too easy to make impulsive and undesirable choices when you are not listening to how you feel or trust that you know what’s best for you.


The more peace and love you feel within yourself, the less likely you will let the negativity around hijack you and where you intend to go.


Realize it is the moment-by-moment choices that will slowly bring you to the life you desire.


Take time to listen to the next step you need to take. Keep it simple.