How Can You Release All Inner Resistance And Doubt?

You are exactly where you need to be.

When things are feeling heavy, and you want life to move more like ease and grace, you are ready and open to see another way.

In order to grow inside, you are often faced with challenges. They tend to get your attention.

As Abraham-Hicks shares, “The Universal Law of Attraction Is Managing My Expansion… The Law of Attraction is the Universal manager of all Vibration, which expands to everything that exists through the Universe. And so, at the same time that the Law of Attraction is responding to the Vibrational content of your physical thoughts, it is also responding to the Vibrational content of your Inner Being.”

Try to see any challenge or upsetting situation as an opportunity to start a new positive chapter in your life or positive behavior that will shift you to a better feeling place.

Know it’s time to move to a lighter, brighter spot in life.

Would it help you to release the resistance if you knew something higher is calling you?

Maybe it doesn’t feel that way right now, but the transformation will bring you there.

What if instead of resisting life, situations or circumstances, you could trust your own inner power? Recently, my daughter was helping one of our grandsons learn to swim. He kept resisting and being afraid. She kept trying to reassure him she had him; he could take baby steps. And, then she said, how about you trust yourself, you can do this. He decided to give it a try and go further in his swimming.

Can you trust yourself to know what’s right for you rather than doubt and resist?

Where are you on the scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest and believing that God has a perfect plan for the unfolding of your Highest Good?

What if you could become more conscious in situations you see yourself resisting? Awareness is the first step to changing behaviors.

What if you didn’t make yourself wrong when you notice you are resisting or doubting, and instead make it a game like there I go again? Awareness is key.

If you do believe, then what if you could remind yourself to focus more on the trust and belief your Highest Good is being done?

Where are you most resistant to your life or the life around you?

I could go on for pages about how I want life to be and the world to be. Resistance has been one of the things I have learned the most. It’s okay to see what I like and don’t like. It’s the energy behind them that gets life heading in the wrong direction – or the direction I don’t want. Instead of playing in the resistance energy that things shouldn’t be this way or that, I need to let that anger, frustration or rage head me in the direction of what I’d like. Like more compassion, kindness or concern.

Remember, what you focus on, you receive more of. So, if you stay in the rants about all the wrongs, you receive more of that in your life. Instead, if you can have more love, compassion, and kindness in your being, you can serve from that energy and receive more of it in your life.

Allow instead of doubt. Flow instead of resist.

The shift is big and produces big results. As A Course in Miracles says, “A miracle is a shift in perception.” The shift is what you focus on—what you want, NOT what you do not want.

How could you be open to seeing with new eyes?

Are you ready to awaken to new experiences that are different from the ways you thought things should be?

How could you know that divine right action is guiding you every day?

How could you let your goal or intention be to allow something Higher to come, even if that means learning what all your resistance means to you and your life?

What else is possible?

How could you let not knowing be okay? Instead of resisting how things are?

What if you knew what was calling you was to allow your life to be easier and more delightful by trusting and honoring yourself more?

Know these roadblocks, or frustrations with what’s happening around you, are trying to capture your attention so you can, and will choose, another way than being in the dense, negative energy of resistance.

Decide you are willing to release all inner resistance and doubt.

Be ready to receive the resources to show you your way to a lighter and brighter future and life.

Decide to be 2% more present to what is, and 2% more willing to open to new possibilities of being in the flow rather than in resistance.

Where do you need to begin releasing resistance and doubt in your life?

Life is easier on the other side of resistance and doubt.