How Can You See Obstacles As Detours In The Right Direction?


Are you willing to endure some discomfort to find the Highest You? Enjoy more peace, love, and kindness?


Life is leaving you breadcrumbs to find your way.


When you feel joy and happiness, know that you are where your heart and soul are.


When you feel peace and contentment, know that you have found your way back to Yourself—the Highest You.


The trick is to find that more and more and more and more, not fleeting moments.


As Abraham-Hicks says, “When you allow a full alignment with the Source within you, unpleasant things that may be happening around you will not matter. Instead of being influenced by the unwanted things happening, you will be influenced by your alignment with Source and Well-being.”


How close are you to that alignment?


The obstacles in your life are there to awaken you. Break away the armor you have formed to protect yourself in whatever ways you thought necessary at the time.


Are you ready to awaken to a more extraordinary life?


Are you willing? Willing to let go of resistance to how you thought life should be?


Do you believe God or your Higher Power walks with you?


Is that life for you?


Can you be open to deeper depths of your spiritual nature?


Let those obstacles be clear messages for you. Let go of thinking that they are harmful and in your way. It’s easy first to be there, but catch yourself knowing you want to play more lovingly and kindly. Stop and ask questions like, “What is right about this I’m not getting?” Or, “How is this for me?”


After every obstacle, there is more freedom and compassion if you allow it to be there for you.


Notice anything that takes you off track or puts fear into you. Like Vernon, Howard says, “A worry is trying to tell us that the mind is in the wrong place, like a king struggling in the wilderness instead of enjoying his throne.”


Are you speaking about more illness or health?


Are you thinking of more scarcity or abundance?


Watch the negativity. Those messages and obstacles are trying to get your attention and let you know you have lost your way. But, there is the other side. There are possibilities.


Noticing how positive or negative you feel about your life or what’s happening is a barometer of how much you have allowed your Higher Self to guide your way. God is love.


Are you someone who says God is a significant part of your life, but you complain and feel negative all the time? God is love.


Know that’s an obstacle trying to get your attention.


When life doesn’t feel good, it’s time to wake up and find another way.


I know it’s easy to be complacent, to stay in habit, but the world needs more of your light.


Do your part.


As John-Roger, DSS says, “When we are struggling to get through each day, to compete in the world, to achieve some level of success, to protect and take care of ourselves and our families, it is so easy to forget that we are of God and loved by God.”


Reclaim your power by allowing obstacles to lead you to a better feeling place. You have a partner on your side.


Obstacles are guiding you in the right direction. Are you open to being guided?