How Can You Use 2022 To Discover How To Truly Enjoy Yourself?


Get excited about who you really are. Use 2022 to choose more things that are truly you.  


Life is meant to be fun.  


Say yes to all that moves you closer to what feels right for you.  Think of your priorities.


Find more satisfaction in what you do throughout your day. That is what you desire. Do more of that.


What is authentic for you? Get rid of the prisons of what others think or want from you. That’s self-imposed. Take that in. You have created those thoughts and limiting beliefs.  


What are your 5 top core values? How do you want to FEEL? Write those out and think about them as you make your decisions. If fun is one of the values you hold, make sure you include fun in the choices you are making. Like the way you interact at work, putting play in your relationships, or acting more childlike.


Choose your ONE WORD based on your core values. For instance, one of my core values is an adventure. So this year, I could use that as my word. Then I’d design my life around adventure, whether that is my work, chores, travel, or mindset. By doing that, I would align with what’s true for me, and my life would be lighter and happier.  


Discovering how to enjoy yourself doesn’t have to be complicated, truly. The hardest part is permitting yourself to be who YOU ARE and not what you think you should or what you think others expect of you.


Use this calendar year to become more of who you truly are by enjoying yourself with whatever you are doing. Keep that your focus.


Notice what is holding you back. It’s all a story. Decide to question your beliefs about it. Like if I’m having fun, I’m not responsible. Use Byron Katie’s turnaround. “Is that true?” It’s not. It’s some of what you were told and how you thought you needed to be. Let it go. I know some of my most fun days have been teaching or leading when I connected with others to see new possibilities. Their lights turned on, and so did mine. I just needed to look at it from a different perspective, which was true for me – having fun.


Find your repetitive patterns. Cut the cords like noticing where you hold a lot of resistance. For instance, I’m holding myself back from mountain biking because of my hamstring injury. I’m afraid. I don’t want to injure myself as I did. So I have noticed my resistance. That’s not where I want to live. My core values are to have fun and adventure. So I’m working my way back to let my joy of mountain biking lead the way instead of my resistance and fear. It doesn’t happen overnight. Awareness is the first step. Know that, on the other side, is truly enjoying yourself more. 


As John-Rogers, DDS shares, “If something you hear or see shakes you, whether it’s physical, emotional or mental, that is then your area to look at because it is blocking you from reaching yourself. Go at it with great devotion and fervor and, if you will, be fanatical about it. Don’t give in until you can handle this thing in a neutral consciousness, not in just a capable or competent one – but where you have mastered it.”


A new year is upon you. Use it to discover things and opportunities that truly light you up.  


Instead of thinking about all you can achieve and do, change your focus to how you can truly enjoy yourself.


You will find that you do and achieve more.  


Let me know what you find out about yourself.  


Happy 2022.