How Can You Use February, The Month of “LOVE,” To Have A Life You Love?


Think about how you can use the calendar as an opportunity to awaken to the life you want. January is the starting again month. February is a time to tell those we love how much they matter to us, it even has a special day to share this love. March brings in new growth, springtime.


Allow structures such as the yearly calendar or seasons to show you ways to bring freshness to your life. It can help pick up your spirits and allow you to see with new eyes.


The older we get, the narrower our focus becomes. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.


February is a wonderful month to think about all the possibilities for love in your life.


Start by making a decision that more of your time is going to be filled with LOVE.

                  Things you love to do.

                           People you love to be around.

                                    Places you love to go.

                                             Activities you love to do.  


Fill your world with love.


Not just your external world but also your internal world.


Think about how you are guarding your heart, your mind and your body to allow only loving thoughts and words in. Thoughts of loving yourself, loving your life, loving your family, and loving your home.


I know, at times, that is really hard to do. Focus on what you have control of.


I want to be that reminder that you do have a choice of what you want in your mind and all around you.


With so much collective negativity around these days, let February be a month you reboot, disconnect and cleanse from all that is not love.


You hear about detoxing your body, give yourself times throughout a day, week or the month to detox from everything that is not love for you, that doesn’t lift up your spirits. Choose a different story.  


In the Course of Miracles, it states everything is either love or a call to love.


Look at where you feel discontent. Realize it is a call for love. It’s calling you to pay attention. Is it a relationship, your work or your health?


What’s the love you need today?


Begin by creating an image of what that brightest, most loving version of “that” would look like for you.


Then, what’s one step you could take today to begin that journey back to love?


It can begin in the simplest, most meaningful ways for you.


Is it:

Making a Pinterest board for hope and possibilities?

Writing out affirmations to get you back on focusing on what you want?

Taking a bubble bath to nourish you?

Forgiving you or somebody else to release the hold and past?


Let February awaken you to a life you love, even more.


Ask yourself throughout your days, are you walking in the direction of love or walking away from it?