How Can You Use Spring to Transform Your Life?


Springtime is the time of awakening and renewal. It’s a time to let go of what is no longer serving us and enjoy more of the light of the world. As a quote from my Course of Miracles newsletter said, “Let us not dwell on the crucifixions in our lives but move on to the resurrection, the miracles that await us.”


Spring is full of transformations. Fresh buds appear. Animals awaken. Longer days. More light.


The light transforms you. It awakens you to more hope and new life all around.


“Spring is a true reconstructionist.” — Henry Timrod


Are you experiencing a rebirth this springtime? Where can you use the power of comeback to help you rise up? Just like last weekend when Tiger Woods won the Masters. With all the challenges he had in his life personally with his relationships and his health, he still held on to a vision of rising again.


How can that image help you to overcome some obstacles or monkey mind telling you that you can’t have what you want?


What a perfect time of year to symbolize the power of living life again.


As Maria Shriver said, “Rising isn’t easy, but it is aspirational.”


What new project or ideas do you have swirling around for you?


Where do you need to transform your life? Is it shifting from listening more to your heart than your head? Living more from compassion than judgment? Living a healthier lifestyle – whether that’s the foods you eat, the thoughts you think or the media you listen to.


I read this interview from David Brooks about his book “The Second Mountain: The Quest for a Moral Life,” looking for a better way.


Brooks talks about “moral renewal, how individual and societies turn themselves around. And it starts with the idea that we have slipped into some bad values. We’re too individualistic when we should be a little more communal. We’re too cognitive, up in our head, and analytical, when we should be more emotional and relational. We steer our kids toward career success, and not toward moral joy.”


Use this Easter season as a reminder to freshen things up for. Or maybe if you are in the darkness, let it be a reminder to help lift you up to find the light. Use it as an opportunity to change the space in which you live and experience life in a new way. I know I am really working on focusing on the good and seeing with my heart before my head. It is taking a lot of work for me. In many ways, it is easy for me but I find I can be so critical in others.  


Any change takes great focus and commitment. But, it’s lighter, freer and more joyful.


Focus on rising above whatever resentments, hurts or disappointments you might be feeling right now. Be willing to bring that darkness to the light of spring.

Focus on new projects. Get rid of the old that no longer serves you. Use it as a time for spiritual growth.


Transform your life with the help and support of springtime. Let the brightness and light be constant companions and reminders that you are seeking more light in your life.


Springtime is about hope, life, and love.