How Can You Use Summertime To Realize Life Is Meant To Be Fun?


“All animals except for man know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it.” Samuel Butler

What are you doing for fun? Today? This week? Is fun the focus of how you think about your life?

I know for me it’s not the natural way. I tend to be more serious and a task master. Think of all the things I need to do or get done. Fun is an addition to that. Something I have to plan in rather than a way of life. It’s probably why I like to travel so much. Travel allows me the fun I need for everyday life. I need to do a better job integrating that fun from trips into my daily interactions.

How much easier would life be as I “do” the things I need to get done, to enjoy it with a spirit of fun? Just feel how much lighter that feels.

Life for most people is too stressful and unhappy. Around 70% of people don’t like their jobs. You spend too much time working to not enjoy it in some way.

What would make it more fun? Could you bring some object or picture to remind you to have fun like these construction utensils of my grandsons?   Just by having this picture near, I can be amused. The creator of these made his work jovial.

Use kids and how they make everything light, playful and joyful as a guide to help you add some fun to your life, to your work day. You don’t have to be childish to have that childlike spirit.

It’s amazing how much life can change just by shifting how you look or think about things. For instance:

Knowing something amazing is going to happen to me today rather than waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Thinking about how much fun it is that I am blessed with a body that can move rather than I have to go to the gym.

Worrying about how you are going to get everything done,  think about how enjoyable it is to have the opportunity to interact with so many different people.

Summer is a time to be outdoors more, have more gatherings and time for vacations. It’s full of Farmers’ Markets, Food Festivals, Beach and Boating Activities, and Outdoor Theater and Music Entertainment.

All which bring fun and joy.

The reason you feel better when you are having fun is because you are in alignment with your soul. It’s why it is important to add more fun to your life throughout the year.

Notice what is enjoyable to you. See how can you use the excitement of summer to make your every day living more peaceful and satisfying.

Seasons have meaning to life. Let this summer remind you to create a life that’s more lively, light-hearted and easier. Your life will be better. Your spirit will soar.

Do silly things such as creating a daily mantra like “Summertime where the living is easy” to guide you in how you view your day.

You won’t feel so much stress and frustration of life and all its responsibilities.

Take time to savor what summer can give you to live a life of more fun and joy.

Share with me what you do for fun at work and in your every day living. or