How Clear Are You With What You Want In Life?


Every day is a new opportunity to decide what is important for you in your life. For instance, many of the government employees right now are just wanting a paycheck. That is what they want to survive and make it. But I would ascertain what they really want is some level of financial freedom, or a different job or occupation.


Life and hardships like these can open up new ways of thinking about what it is you really want – if you allow it.


To use it for your favor become more involved with problem-solving rather than staying in the muck.


Think about what you have been saying that you want. Is that a chance to go into a new vocation, an opportunity to use your degree that you never took or shifting into becoming an entrepreneur?


You have planted some seeds. Maybe you’ve forgotten to water or nourish them.


A key to achieving what you want in life is being clear about it.


If you realize, you really didn’t like that job but it was a paycheck, then be open to new possibilities.


Sometimes you might not be clear what you want, but you are sure what you don’t want. Start there. Like:


I don’t want to be in a 9-5 job.

I don’t like being in a closed in office.

I don’t like a bully boss.


Often, on the other side of your “don’t want” is what you really want. Begin brainstorming ideas of what you want. For instance, being outdoors more, having flexible hours, feeling more empowered, being a boss or not sitting so much on the job. Let the qualities about what you want in.


Then let the Universe help you discover the vocation or job that fits.


In order to actually receive what you want, clarity is key.


Have compassion with yourself rather than judging and beating yourself up over your past choices. Any negativity will keep your desires from you.


You might have just had 99% blockage in one of your arteries and had to have a stent put in.


Start unraveling the lesson. Was it stress on the job, being inactive, poor eating habits, or lack of joy about what you were doing?


Think about where you can feel empowered to create a new lifestyle for yourself. What are you willing to do? Make it manageable, not all or nothing mentality. Is it a new regiment for having a healthy heart? Maybe a job that is less stressful, more fun and aligned with what you want.


Begin exploring the type of jobs out there that help you live more in alignment with what you want.


The good part is you have a big “WHY” as to why you want to do life differently.


A tool I use to help people create a clearer vision for the dream or desire is the Universal Order Form. It allows you to write more specifically and clearly what it is you want and then send it out to the Universe. Knowing in perfect timing you will receive what you desire if you believe and allow it to come without resistance.


What would you like?


What items do you want? Give details.


Give a description of the item you want. Think about going to Amazon and buying something. Think of how clear you must be to receive the items you want.


Think about the feelings you want? How will you feel once you have it?


Date it. Send it off, knowing and believing it will come.


Take time to notice if you need more clarity around your list of resolution, goals or themes you made for 2019. Add any specificity needed to ensure you receive what you want.


Here’s to you living your best life in 2019 once you have the clarity and excitement around what you want.