How Clearly Are You Seeing?


You get what you focus on.


Are you focused on getting your to do list done, achieving or loving life?


Notice how each of this ideas create a different vision for you.


If you are seeing all the things you have to do, feel how you are rushing and stressing.


If you are seeing through the lens of achieving, there is always one more thing to do, never enough whether that’s the way you feel about yourself or the pressure you feel to keep on pushing toward another goalpost.


If your focus is on loving life, feel how relaxed and fun that feels. Feel how grateful you feel. Feel how light-hearted that is.


How are you choosing to see life?


The more conscious I become, it has me taken back about how I didn’t know or think about these simple shifts earlier in my life. I wasn’t so conscious or aware to look at life through a different lens. I was totally immersed in achieving and getting lots done.


I didn’t realize that I could still do all those things, just with a shift in my perception and perspective. I could do all of those with the lens of loving life, being grateful and appreciative of all I had and been given. Yet, achieve and get things done too. And, it would have been a lot more fun and less stressful. I know now.


I’m in the middle of cataract surgery. I have had mono vision contacts for years and am doing the same with the cataract replacements. Last week I had the first eye done for my far vision. It’s been fun to see how clearly I am seeing things and how far my vision goes. Next week, I’ll have my near vision done. I can only imagine what new will appear in my life by removing the haze and blockages that were there. I just put up with what was. I made excuses about why I wasn’t seeing very well. Why?


This process of how I ignored how blurred my vision had gotten, reminds me of how we do life. We just ignore what’s right before us. There’s a big world out there, lots of possibilities and we let our limited vision cloud what we see. Or, we think there is only one way to see the world.


As you are approaching a new year, how can you think about what you truly desire? And, then let that be the vision in which you see life.


If you desire a more peaceful life, see the world through the lens of peace. You will be shown all kinds of ways peace is happening around you. Like yesterday when Bo and I took our walk around the neighborhood. The lakes were calm, the geese were gliding by and the hawks stayed put as we walked under them.


If you want a kinder life, seek out all the kindness around you. Look at all the nonprofits, the frontline workers and the people at the grocery stores bundling our groceries for us to make our lives safer and better.


You will see the world you desire. You get what you think about.


You have to become CLEAR about what you are seeking. Let that be your focus and how you approach the structure of your life.


It’s magical. You will be elated to see how your perspective of the world changes. Your vibration and what you are attracted to will bring you greater joy and great tidings. You will be aligned with what’s right for you rather than living from the pressures of the outside world.


Take time to go inside and feel what your heart is calling you to see.