How Close Are You To Happiness?


What if you believed God’s will for you is perfect happiness? How would you live your life? How would your life be?


The feeling is the reason – following the feeling will open doors to unlimited possibilities.


If all you did was to feel happiness, which is God’s presence, what would happen to you and your life?


Joy is your natural state. But, have you been told you were too much?


Or, you can’t have great happiness in this life. Don’t buy into it. You are here to shine your brilliance.


Where are you living the most – guilt, shame, or disappointment? Or is it joy, love, and contentment?


Take time to let happiness be a focus and purpose for you—no matter what area of your life.


With your physical world, if you are unhappy with your health, decide you will begin doing something every day to feel happier about your choices towards better health.


If you notice you are thinking negative thoughts or complaining a bunch about your mental life, decide to choose better feeling thoughts and things that will produce better thinking.


Catch yourself throughout your day. Notice how great it feels to be a little happier.


With your emotional life, pay attention to how you are feeling. If it feels light, it’s right.


Notice how you might be feeling happy. If it’s heavy, it’s not right.


Allow whatever you are feeling to be there. Notice it and allow it to pass on by.


Don’t attach to it. Let go of any stories you might want to add to how you feel.


The more you detach from the heavy energies, the lighter you will feel, and life will feel happier.


Happiness isn’t dependent on external things.


It’s about being appreciative of all you have right now.

To be happy without attachments is the best. If you base your happiness on what others do or what happens, that happiness depends on others.


True happiness is dependent on you and what is true for you. Definitely a journey in itself.


Happiness is a choice you are making each moment of your day. The key is that you decide what happiness is for you.


Start by deciding how you want to feel and moving closer to that.


Happiness is freedom. It’s finding the joy and purpose of the life you are meant to live.


Be willing to awaken to the possibility of greater happiness in your life.


How close are you to happiness?