How Close Are You To Real Happiness and Peace?

A goal in life is to “be happy.”

The words seem to make it sound easy.

But real living can look so different with all the pulls on you in different ways—your career, your family, your faith, your self-care, and then trying to be happy and peaceful.

Growth happens when things are hard and you figure out how to manage and live it out.

If you want to have things change in your life, you must choose different thoughts and patterns.

Like, move out of your comfort zone and choose more towards happiness and peace.

My challenge is to imagine how you can be happy in all parts of your life.

That’s the big vision. Maybe way out of your thinking of any possibility. Or, maybe you have been journeying to live a more peaceful life. Wherever you are, start. Start by adding one thing that brings you happiness – like playing the piano daily, reading a book, or taking a bubble bath. Then, acknowledge how peaceful and happy you were. (You receive more of what you focus on – gratitude and appreciation are magical tools). Or choose your health or relationships and do 1 thing that brings you pure joy. And acknowledge how you felt when you did that.

Do things more often that bring out feelings of joy and peace.

Remember, you receive what you focus on.

I know when you make a decision that happiness is your biggest desire, and you remind yourself over and over, then your life can change.

You will ask yourself along the way, does this choice bring me happiness? Or am I feeling frantic and overwhelmed? Guess what you could choose?

Become more aware of your choices and where they are leading you.

What you FEEL is so important as you are moving towards an intention or goal you desire. Keep checking in with yourself – “How am I feeling NOW? and NOW?”

Feel the nirvana in happiness and being at peace.

When you decide to choose a different path or option from what you have been doing, it requires focus, great focus, and commitment. It doesn’t happen naturally. It can be quite awkward, or it’s not even in your thinking at the time. You forget, and life goes back to autopilot.

The good part about pain or challenges in life is they capture your attention.

So when life gives you more than you can handle or think you can handle, surrender to something greater than you. This is the time when you are more open to hearing something different.

Be willing to go after the REAL goal – happiness and peace. Because all the “things and stuff” you are going after are only a disguise. You believe they will make you feel good. Decide to listen to what your real desires are. You can have the stuff, but know what you really want is the feeling – like happiness and peace.

As Mike Dooley shares, “Do you know what most people wish for, Dottie, when it comes to improving their own life? More stuff.Because they think having more stuff will contribute to their overall happiness. But do you know what most people wish for when it comes to the lives of the ones they most love and cherish?

Happiness, peace, creative work, fulfilling relationships.

Because they understand that once these things are in order, more stuff will automatically take care of itself. One of these two things doesn’t belong with the other….”

How can you shift your focus so you can begin your journey to more happiness and peace in your life?

As John Morton, DSS, shares, “Your life is full of new opportunities to create all that fulfills you. All experiences contribute to your learning and growth more than others, so you always have plenty of reason to be grateful for all you have been given.”

How close are you to real happiness and peace in your life? On a number scale 1-10, 10 being right there, full of joy and contentment, where are you? Write down that number. Then begin your awakening to consciously add more ways that bring you these feelings daily in small ways. Ask this question again in two months and see how far you have grown. Your world is probably feeling lighter, too.

Your well-being is calling you to this road of happiness and peace.

Life doesn’t need to feel chaotic and out of control.