How Committed Are You To Getting The Most From Life?


The pandemic has caused all of us to redefine life and how it is.  It’s a time of great uncertainty.  And, within that is a gift of time to reflect upon what’s truly important for you at this time in your life.


Think about the opportunity.  How can you make the shift in your thinking to this could be your best year by being committed to getting the most from life?


What is that for you?


As Abraham-Hicks shares that everything we want in life is to make us feel better.  


So as you are creating your life for now and the next years, what will put you in the best feeling place?  


You can think about the things you want in life right now.  Is it a slimmer body?  A better relationship?  Is it a closer relationship to God?  Then, ask yourself if you had what you desired, how would you feel?  That is really what you are chasing, that feeling.  Next, ask yourself how you can add more of that to your life now.  Pay more attention to the FEELING as you are working toward your desire.  Yes, the outcome is nice but the truth is the feeling is what brings you more of what you really desire.


What are your core desired feelings?  What feelings make you feel on top of your game?  That’s what should guide your life.  I know one of my most important feelings is joy.  I know if I want to be on my high flying disc then whatever I am choosing needs to bring me joy.  Whether that is being with Bo, our kids and grandkids or traveling.  If joy is all over my life, I am content, peaceful and more fulfilled.  


You can raise your vibration and how life works for you when you live by your core desired feelings guiding your choices and decisions.


Any time you are upset, stressed or sad, go right to one of your core feelings.  That is how you find your way to a better feeling place.  If you are really down, when you keep those core feelings your focus, your energy changes and life before you is better, and better.


Notice who or what is driving your life.  Is it the rebellious teenager wanting her way?  Is it your ego over your heart and soul?  Or, are your core desired feelings?


Push yourself out of your comfort zone of how life usually goes for you.  The more conscious you become, the happier life is for you.  But, it takes focus and effort. 


Do you understand when something doesn’t come your way that there are still some things you need to learn to allow that to happen in the best way for you?  Like patience, humility, kindness.


No matter what is going on in life, there is usually a call of your soul for something more, for a deeper meaning to life.  


Clear your mind.  Imagine.  Tap into your Divine connection.


As Aija Mayrock states, “You were not born to please, you were brought here to disrupt, awaken and speak truth, to ease the pain scattered around and so when you are told to quiet down, I hope you grow louder.  You are an entire symphony that needs no applause.”  


What is ready to be manifested in your life?  


What is cluttering your mind, keeping you believing life is just going through the motions?  


How can something you are frustrated with in life be a catalyst to advocate for change?  


You have a lot of wisdom and experience to help you create something amazing.


Think about the commitment you can make to yourself to be the best version of who you can be for today, tomorrow and this year.  


That means loving all of you – the good, the bad and the ugly (until it isn’t).  


Make your life the best it can be.  It’s up to you.  Make the commitment.