How Committed Are You?

Think about something you have desired for a while. Are you discouraged and believing it won’t come true? Or do you trust that things will happen for you at the right time?

Every day you choose whether you are moving closer or further from what you wish.

Listen to your talk about it – “It’s impossible.” “It can’t happen for me.” “It’s not that easy.”

Do you have beliefs around your desire that it has to happen within your timeline?

As one of my daily calendar comments says, “Once you set an intention, the whole Universe reshuffles so you can access it. It gives you signs and inspiration to get you there, no matter how improbable. Every choice you make either brings you closer to your goal or takes you further away.”

What’s your commitment?

Attitude is 90% of whatever happens for you.

Do everything you can to connect more and more to what you desire. Deepen your beliefs that it will happen for you.

It can be easier to talk about all the whys it can’t happen. It’s easy to retreat to habits and old patterns.

I’m asking you to double down on your commitment to what you desire. As one of my mentors says, “Just 2% more. 2% more present to what it is you desire. 2% more willing to receive it.”

Do you feel powerful about life or a victim of life? People who believe in themselves know they have a choice about what happens in their lives.

Step into your power and commitment. One of my big commitments is to live healthy, vibrant, and fulfilled.

I have to keep that focus front and center. I need to be sure I know what that means for me. That’s refining all the time.

I have to make more choices and decisions in that direction. I listen more and more to my body about how it feels and what it needs rather than leading by pushing and thinking I know best.

I have to choose to open my heart and arms to all the good life is bringing me. Acknowledge it, and appreciate it.

A grateful mind is in a state of receivership.

What is your biggest desire right now? Think about your commitment. Is your desire more like a passing thing, or is it something you are willing to do the work and take action? One of our grandsons wants to play basketball better. His dad told him to shoot 150 baskets a day. He has been doing it, and in the last few games, he has scored baskets and extra points. He is committed.

Commitment is a choice, all day and every day. Not perfection, but focus and action toward what you want in thoughts, words, and deeds.

Look inside yourself and decide whether it sounds good or something you truly desire. Sometimes the desire is to please others or look good. If that is your case, then that is maybe why things aren’t going in your favor.

Make your commitments to what is true for you.

Know that your story ends in victory. You don’t have to know how or when; know deep inside, life provides you with your highest and greatest good.

What are you committed to?