How Complicated Are You Making It

The new year always brings new possibilities for your life. It’s a time that creates momentum to look at your life, to create a life you have dreamed of.

Begin by reflecting on YOUR 2015:

  • What went well? What do you want more of? Did you settle for less than your best life?
  • Were there turning points?
  • What do you want differently than what you experienced?
  • Did you measure the wrong things? Who is guiding your life?

Take time to release those things that you do not want to carry forward. They will create baggage for you whether they are events, beliefs or thoughts.

You can write them out on a sheet of paper and burn them.

Then, the next step is to write out a gratitude list of all that happened for you, even if you perceive it as negative. Those situations help clarify what you don’t want. They can be helpful in your growth if you can see the benefit. After you write out your list, look at “why” you were grateful for these items. You want to acknowledge what you want more of in your life.

For instance, I wrote out excited about my coaching clients. I am so appreciative of them, how I help them but also how they have expanded my world as well as the financial benefits I receive.

I wrote out losing weight (even though not nearly where I want) but I am eating healthier, making better choices – less process, less meat, more organic. I am loving my body more as I see how blessed I am to be as healthy I am. I see it from a larger perspective of healthy well-being rather than just my weight. Big growth for me.

Then as you decide what YOU want for 2016 from your discovery, choose a plan that will work for you. Here are three different ways or use a combination of them.

  1. How about using a little help from your inner wisdom, God or the Universe to help guide you? Instead of forcing or doing what you think you should or ought to do, how about using a power greater than you?

Take time to go within. Think and imagine all that you want to happen for you in 2016. Feel it, get excited about it. Then ask for guidance of what you need to do to make that happen. What is one thing that you want to experience to create “that” for 2016? Make your plan, break it down in chunks of doable actions.
What a great model this can be for helping shape your life! Commit to being still, going within, meditating for 5 minutes each day first thing in the morning.

Watch your life change.

You will feel more peaceful, more empowered, more focused just by this little change.

  1. Another way to look at designing 2016 is the One Word Process by Jon Gordon, ONE word that could help create the life you want. Let it be something you can use in all areas of your life. Like fun, joy, healthy or action.(Can you imagine how much your life would be better and the world if we all chose any of those words?)How could your one word keep you focused for the year? By having one word it is more likely that you will follow through on what you want for the year. Share in the Facebook group your ONE WORD for 2016.
  2. Iyanla Vanzant shares in Until Today sometimes you aren’t sure of how what you are doing plays a part of the purpose for your life. She explains that YOU“
  • gain character as you lose ego
  • gain integrity as you lose dishonesty
  • gain strength as you lose fear
  • gain compassion as you lose disappointment
  • gain appreciation as you lose resentment
  • gain discipline as you lose willfulness
  • gain enthusiasm as you lose hostility
  • gain tenderness as you lose rigidity
  • gain optimism as you lose inadequacy.”


Where in your life could you use one of these ideas to propel your life in the direction you need for 2016?

Living your best life doesn’t have to be complicated.
Take charge of your life.

Become empowered to create the life you want.

Use this new year as motivation to get started. Choose something that matters to you.

Know your why it is important to your life. What will you need to do or who do you have to become to make it happen? Is it taking a course that can help you create the online business you’ve always wanted, is it losing weight or is it building your legacy?

Michael Hyatt shared in a recent blog, “Almost 40 percent of people in their twenties achieve their New Year’s resolutions each year, but not even 15 percent of those over 50.” And, also he shared as well as a few others I follow, “Dr. Gail Matthews of Dominican University found you’re 42 percent more likely to achieve your goals just by writing them down.”

Take time, write them down.

What are you willing to do to commit to create 2016 as your best year ever?

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