How Could Saying “I Don’t Know” Open You To New Possibilities?


The pandemic has created some of the most significant upheavals in our lifetime. It can be seen as disastrous or as an opportunity. Or somewhere in between. But hopefully, it has caused you to reconsider many of your thoughts, habits, and ideals.


Remember, life is about 90% attitude and 10% skills and process. It’s the way you engage in life’s ups and downs, the peaks and valleys of life, that create your life.


Just like Emerson is quoted, “The dice of God are always loaded, and they are loaded in your favor.”


Are you going to be a victim or a victor?


When you open to possibilities, you have faith in life, and really it is faith in YOU.


Abraham-Hicks stated, “There are so many people who innately want to thrive, who as soon as they begin thriving a little, begin imposing all of these exterior judgments about how much thriving is appropriate, “It’s appropriate to thrive that much, but not that much.”


You must stay open to “I don’t know” how or when it might happen, but I KNOW it will.


Just think about the different aspects of life that worry and trust provide. Instead of being limited, stuck with past experiences or ideas, you could trust the Universe has big things in store for you. You could believe life is FOR you, so the probability is that the things you desire are coming forth if you believe that.


Are you living on outdated notions that keep you stuck and small?


I know one of the areas that have seen many growth and differences is in the weight loss industry. There are numerous diet programs. There are all kinds of specialists. But, what is amazing is that we are now a more obese society than we have ever been. Something is wrong here. So how could saying “I don’t know” help you open to new possibilities? When I found Marc David’s “Slow Down Diet” book, it was transformative to my thinking. Ideas like:


Having a relationship with food and my body. What?


Me knowing what works by becoming aware of what was happening in my body? Not someone else telling me what to do?


Wow, the possibilities and responsibilities that have brought to me.


Possibilities open you up to allow ALL the Universe wants to give you. Saying “I don’t know” opens you to other ideas than your fixed thinking. You are saying, “I am willing to see something bigger and different from my limited ways.”


New things can come your way, maybe from the whispers of your heart.


The more you can trust and be open to possibilities; the more magical your life will be. The angels and other guides have jobs to do to help you be all you’ve asked to be.


Allow yourself this week to say, “I Don’t Know” at least 5 times and see what happens. I know many of us were taught we were supposed to know everything. But it’s a lie. See if there are certain areas that it is easier for you to acknowledge that you don’t know than others. Find your patterns.


Wake up to a more extraordinary life and a greater YOU by saying, “I don’t know.”