How Could You See That Things Could Happen For You?

As you step into 2024, how could you allow yourself to know that the Universe is for you this year?

The world outside is a reflection of what’s inside of you.

Seeing something different starts with your mindset, your attitude and your willingness to accept your part.

I’ve spent years dedicated to focusing on the good, the love I see around. It’s taken a concerted effort to keep returning to that space, that focus. I’m a work in progress. I see new levels and understanding of what good is and what love is.

The collective consciousness can pull you more to the darkness, the horrors in life.

Decide the Universe is showing you that you are ready for something different, if you are reading this message.

Pay attention to all that is happening for you, or as you might be thinking “to you.”

Notice all aspects of the emotions that you feel. Emotions are a good place to begin being aware of how you can see how the Universe is for you.

For instance, when you find yourself trapped in traffic, instead of frustration, can you stop and see maybe this is a way to help you slow down, breathe deeper and be present? Or, what do you need?

Be open to hearing what’s there for you at those moments.

Look for times you are in great joy or see something that brings a big smile to your face. How can you use those type of emotions to help you see how much you enjoy that in your life? And, you want more of it. Find things that bring that to you. See how the Universe is showering you with what you are asking and feeling.

Ask the Universe to help you see more of it. You might begin noticing how the wind feels on you as you walk, or you see someone helping someone in need. Life is full of joyful moments.

I know each time I have some body part that isn’t working fluidly, I am humbled even more. It takes me to greater appreciation and gratitude for all that I can do, all the freedom I have. Because my body does allow me to go freely and easily. Not everyone has that.

What are you being reminded of? Good and not so good?

This time of year is good to think about your vision for the year, for the months. What is the Universe wanting for you right now?

See how much that could help you focus on the life you want and desire.

The more you focus, and have energy in the direction of what you want, the more likely you will receive it. Too often you have more energy on what you don’t want – like the extra pounds or empty bank account. Shift and keep reminding yourself to focus on what you DO want.

Just know in your heart it will happen.

Do your part like feeling how great it would feel when it happens.

That’s the strongest and quickest way to receive what you desire. I remember when I was working on my Ph.D., it all seemed so impossible. Yet, I remember celebrating as I had fewer classes to complete, then none, only to write my dissertation. I came across a picture I have where I was spread out on the floor with papers, sound asleep, exhausted. How was that showing me how to pace myself? Showing me rest was important to the process, too.

The Universe is there for you.

How can a magical sunrise or sunset help remind you to see all of life’s beauty, in the simplicity and magic. Life happens without you forcing or pushing ahead. It’s there for you.

Realize how lucky you are when something in your house goes out. You can see that millions of other things are working so well without having to worry about it. Maybe the Universe saw it was time to wake you up so you could have more gratitude for all that is working for you.

Maybe you’d been on a pity party lately. Maybe it’s time to shift your thinking and ways of being to focus on how much life is giving you and is for you. You might be focusing too much on what’s not right rather than how blessed you are with all that does work.

I know it’s so easy when your body aches or there’s lots of turmoil in your life to focus your conversations and energy on complaining about being wronged, or life is bad. Yes, acknowledge what is happening. But don’t stay there or give it much attention.

What if you could shift your way of handling these types of situations to realizing they are WAKE-UP calls?

The Universe is for you.

Honor that there is work to be done. Don’t make it wrong or bad.

It’s time to pay attention to all in life that IS working. I know it’s not the way you were taught or that most people do life. But what I know for sure, is the more you focus on what is working for you, the more of that you receive.

The more gratitude and acceptance you can give for how things are happening for you, the more fulfilled your life becomes.

For years, I set goals and really worked them out. These days, I use Jon Gordon’s “One Word” to help me focus. Then, the Universe provides me many wanted and unwanted ways (in my eyes) to build that more into my life.

The word that popped up for me this week for 2024 was “Generous.”

Let 2024 be a year that you become more aware of how the Universe is working for you.

Catch yourself noticing when things pop up.


Ask for help if circumstances are overwhelming.

Focus more on what you DO want rather than on what you don’t want.

How can you see that things can happen for you?

Awareness is the first step to any shift. Begin noticing when great things happen for you and when things happen you wish wouldn’t.

Stop and go within. Ask how this is happening for me.

Open your heart more.

Let go of some pattern that is no longer working.

Time to be freer.

It’s fun to listen. See how life softens, empowers, or asks you to step more into your greatness.

Life is awakening you to the Highest and Greatest you.

Did you realize that the Universe is SO GENEROUS and wants to shower your life with abundance, love, and kindness?

Tap into the sacred part of you.

Let 2024 be an easier ride for you.

Be more willing.

Be more accepting.

Be more open.

Be your greatest receiver so that life is easy and flowing for you.

Where do you need a fresh start?

Happy New Year!