How Curious Are You About Life?


Life is full of questions.


What is on your mind? Whether that’s something troubling you or something interesting you?


Where do you go for answers?


What you focus on grows.


I love learning. Personal growth and transformation are my passions.


I love understanding people – who they are, their choices, decisions, and what keeps them going.


What is driving the way you make decisions?

What matters to you?

What keeps you wondering about life and how it works?


As J. Krishnamurti says, “Every time a thought is born, you are born.” You are expanded, and your way of thinking and seeing the world expands as you learn or experience something new.


There is no reason to postpone living joyfully.


Trust life.


When you are curious, a whole new world awakens for you.


Awareness is the first step. When Bo was deciding about retiring and selling his company, he had decided he wanted an RV. RVing was way out of my desire or world of understanding or interest. It’s one of those things, “Never say never,” because I would have told you, that’s not something I’d do.


Since he wanted a RV, I became curious. It has opened a whole new world of:



Fun and adventure

Meeting new people

Exploring new places

Appreciating more


The world has opened to us in many new ways—so much fun.


If life is troubling you right now, welcome it. Be curious. A new world opens when you accept it and are open to new possibilities to guide you. Just like the saying, When God closes one door, another opens. A more incredible world than you can imagine. If you let it…


It’s not easy because you often think there are no other solutions.


Be curious. Reach higher. Find a connection to a power greater than you.


As Sharon Salzberg shares, “We don’t meditate to get better at meditating; we meditate to get better at life.”


How can being curious enhance your life? Help you move through a troubling spot?


Life is calling you to expand to your Highest Self, whether through a struggle or curiosity.


As Albert Einstein says, “The most beautiful thing you can experience is the mysterious.”


Be curious.


A whole new world awaits you.