How Do You Feel About Asking For Help?


If life is for you, why has the idea of asking for help been given a bad rap?  


Is life about learning?  I believe that.  Then, think of all the ways to learn – from others, by experiencing something, and even by “Googling” about it.  


By getting help.


Kids are so fun to watch and learn from.  When they ask you something and you don’t know, they say “Google It” or “YouTube” to see how to do it.  


They are so free to ask for help.


But asking for help is not that simple.  Asking for help creates vulnerability.  


We have made asking for help mean something to you.  What is that for you?



What have you been taught about asking for help?  Does it make you weak, needy or bad?  


I know there are many stages of this question and what it brings up.  


In education, I felt like as a teacher I should have all the answers.  How foolish…


As a parent, I thought I should know how to parent through every situation.  Even with no manual about it.  Just feel the pressure that puts on you.  I did know I didn’t know about parenting and took classes, read books, and did ask others at times if I didn’t think I’d be judged.


Sad to say, I know in school, kids feel shamed or ridiculed for asking for help.  Then they feel “stupid.”  And, of course, then others don’t want that so they all begin hiding and deciding it’s not safe to ask.  Yet, a classroom is supposed to be a playground of possibilities.  


What does your ego say about people who ask for help? 


One of the biggest areas of resistance in life is to believe something shouldn’t have happened.  If it happened, it is.  You don’t have to like it.  But the past happened.  Your perception and dialogue about it can skew it and open you up to anguish and a rabbit hole.


What if instead, when you are in a situation of angst, hurt or perplexed, you immediately could go to help instead of feeling helpless or hopeless about it?


Are there certain areas of your life you feel more comfortable than others to ask for help?  


I know with my recent hamstring injury, I had to ask for more help.  It definitely brings up a lot of negative or limiting belief stuff.  But, that process allowed me to be more open, be more vulnerable and be more connected.  It was wonderful to see and feel all the support I had.  Maybe just another “lesson” I needed to have on this journey of life.


If you think about the power of teams, the Bible verse when two or more are gathered, it’s a blessing to have others there for you.


The deeper on this spiritual journey I have walked, I pretty quickly ask for guidance. Whether inner guidance or from others who might help.


I know and trust more the inner wisdom that is there for me. I’m better and better about listening to my inner guidance.  


How can you shift your perspective from feeling bad about asking for help to feel supported in all that happens for you in life?


Help is there for you.  Not against you.


Can you ask for help with an open mind and heart?