How Do You Handle Disappointments?


Did you know your happiness is up to you? Even when life derails.


Perspective and gratitude are keys to a happy life, and to get you back on track.


For nearly a year, we had planned a family ski trip to Keystone, Colorado. All the kids marked it on their calendars. Three of the families live here so we see them often. But, Michael and his family live in Tahoe. We were really excited to have these 4 nights together in one big house so everyone could be together, cousins playing together.


Until, the day before we were leaving. Michael’s son had gotten the flu. We kept hoping, even thinking a day after they might come. But, things only got worse for them, he and his wife also got sick. I was sick. They were torn. They had their priorities right. As much as they wanted to come, there was no way. They needed to take care of this little guy.



I couldn’t believe it. My dream of all of us together was gone.


I realized how quickly my mood changed, and how I was thinking our trip was ruined. And, then I came across this quote.


If you experience a disappointment through some experience, that disappointment exists at the moment of its happening and is valid in that moment. But if you hang on to it and let it affect the next moment – and the next, and the next – it becomes a fixation and starts controlling you. Let it go and move into now.” —John-Rogers, DSS


I realized how God was talking to me, helping lift me up.


There are so many things about life that you cannot change. But, you can change how you look at them.


I was so disappointed. I was so hurting for them and my little grandson being so sick.


You can choose to be a victim or a victor. You choose. Yes, feel hurt and upset. As one of my mentors says, give yourself 90 seconds to rant, scream or be angry, but then let go. Just like me being upset and feeling their pain. Yep, my dream was smashed but I had to realize a bigger perspective. My grandson was really ill. That was what really mattered, he had to be taken care of in the best place for him. Yes, our purpose of having everyone together wasn’t happening, this time…


Remember, there will be a sunrise and sunset.  


Guard your heart against bitterness.


Life is bigger than my attachment to how it’s supposed to happen. I know I act as if I control the Universe. I also know that the Universe is divinely orchestrated.


I hadn’t skied in years. I had hurt myself, like taken down on one of those sleds. And, been afraid to ski, even after 30-40 years of skiing. Crazy. But, because I would have been the only one not skiing, I decided to take ski lessons and ended up skiing for 3 days, and down some greens with my husband, daughter and son-in-law. How much better does it get than that?


Making lemonade out of lemons.


Discover life is a lot easier when you realize it’s not anyone else’s job to make you happy.


How do you handle disappointments?