How Do You Keep Your Life Flowing In Harmony?

How can you allow life to come to you rather than trying, grasping, and doing?

How much of your life is easy?

Life is designed to be easy if you allow it to show you the way.

Follow the breadcrumbs and your inner guidance. Listen to what’s before you. A voice saying, “Rest?” “Go this way.”

Notice where there is love, compassion, freedom, and joy. That’s the flow.
How much of your life is spontaneous? Is that when you are using your creativity and allowing your gifts to lead?

You have superpowers. How are they guiding your life? We were discussing this in our bible study small group. When the “encourager” came up, our leader said that’s you, Dottie. My mission is to awaken people to their most significant. I like people understanding that they have more extraordinary powers than they realize.

I know God gave you gifts that are for only you. My quest is to help you realize them. They are IN you. They are you in the flow.

One of the revelations I’ve had is when my life is fun and easy, I know I’m in harmony with myself. Conversely, when I feel stressed or shoulds, I live outside my freedom and alignment.

As Abraham-Hicks says, “The basis of your life is absolute freedom, the goal is joy, and the result of that perfect combination is motion forward or growth. Your goal is to find objects of attention that let your cork rise. “
That quote resonants strongly with me. Even in the mundane, when I’m in the flow of what I love, life feels joyful and content. Like when I feel balanced, taking care of all parts of me – the emotional, the spiritual, the physical, and the mental.

Take a look at the balance of your life.

Do you spend too much time working and not tending to your physical and spiritual life?

Are you in your head more than your heart?

You won’t be in the flow of your life. Life will seem like work and struggle.
The more you tend to your inner world, the more remarkable results you see in the outer world.

Just like what Deepak Chopra talks about with your alignment with oneness when you are:

“Enjoying where you are. Accepting yourself without judgment.
Seeing how desires come true with little or no effort. Feeling supported by Nature.”

If these aren’t true for you, that’s the work. Take them individually and find what can be truths for you in those areas—the inner realities. Notice what you are living by now and see little shifts – 1% more of how to be in the flow for you.

How can you be more accepting of yourself? Name 2 things you admire about yourself each morning and night. Then, notice more of the things you value about how you do life.

How can you be more present even in the rat race of your life? Like take 5 minutes to breathe deeper, whether in rush hour or in the bathroom.

How can you notice the miracles around you – like when you are in a hurry and the lights are all green? Or a gray Maui cardinal shows up on your patio when you wonder where they were.

Notice the areas of your life where you are struggling or resisting. “Life shouldn’t be like this.” Find ways to become in harmony. Notice if you are attached to specific forms of how things should be. See how you lose your peace because you think you know best. What if life has something greater for you? What if life is trying to get your attention and show you a way to be easier and more in the flow? Just different from how you had been doing. How can you let that be okay rather than resistance?

Are you one who is giving too much that you are feeling depleted? The flow is in the give and receive of life. Learning to receive might be just what you need to open you to something greater and a life of more ease and flow.

How can you be open to more compliments? Don’t deflect when someone says something complimentary to you.
Acknowledge and be grateful.

How can you let others do something for you? Notice how you think you “have” to do so much for yourself. Notice how the “martyr is tired. It’s time to receive being supported by the Universe. Ask for help; probably hard, but do it anyway. Feel how good you feel when you do for others and realize others feel the same when they do for you. Allow them. RECEIVE.

Harmony happens when you are in the flow of living the life that’s right for you.

Harmony happens when you are more connected to a Higher Power and living from that Truth.

How can you begin today listening to your Inner Wisdom? Asking for what you need right now, here and now? Then notice how much more your life is flowing in harmony.

Life will meet you where you are.

What do you need to do to keep your life flowing in harmony? What steps above are you willing to begin?

Are you ready for a life of more ease and harmony?