How Do You Rise Above Adversity?


Adversity can bring out the worst in people.


That is why it is so important to know yourself and how you see the world.


Understand what triggers you, what overtakes you, and where you know you can’t be too rational.


Bad things happen. The important factor is to be in charge of your responses. Not react, not be a victim.


I know last year, when I tore my hamstring off the bone, emotionally, it was harder than I realized. I felt helpless, hopeless, and horrible.


Sure, it hurt physically and was extremely painful, but it was the inner hurt I didn’t expect or understand so well.


So at times, I wasn’t pleasant, friendly, or upbeat. It would have been easy to explode because of all that was happening inside me.


Luckily, I have learned and now know many ways to put myself back on track and handle the upsets and roller coaster of life and these experiences.


I am grateful because it hasn’t always been that way.


Just this week. We saw “The Slap” at the Oscars between Chris Rock and Will Smith, and all that has transpired from that.


You can clearly see the adversity from both sides. And how each one handled it.


What did this bring up in you?


As the public, notice where you stand on apologizes. Do you allow forgiveness even when someone shows up in a “bad” way? Especially if that someone is you.


Can you allow your Higher Self to lead the way? That is pure love. It helps you see another perspective, a higher way. It brings in compassion and grace.


Things happen.


Let this incident be an example of taking care of your own house. When you don’t express yourself and own all you truly feel, there will be an explosion like what we saw this past week at the Oscars.


The tendency is to keep the focus externally rather than on what is happening inside of you.


Life does not always unfold the way you think it will. If you are hell-bent on your way, you will miss the infinite possibilities before you of how you can handle a situation.


Know you can deliberately choose the level of where you want to be.


Miracles await.


Faith can change the world, and you too.


As David Hawkins shares, “One’s range of choice is ordinarily limited only by one’s vision.”


As a human being, you are juggling many balls and trying to keep afloat.


Therefore, it is important to have a toolbox and a support system to help you when things are out of balance or out of control.


Take an inventory to see what is happening internally for you? Begin with the inner turmoil you are feeling.


What conflicts are going on for you?


Where are you grieving?


Where are you out of alignment with your core feelings and values? You know, because you are stressed or overwhelmed.


What’s in your toolbox and at your fingertips to help you rise above adversity?


How do you create peace for yourself? How do you relieve yourself when there is stress and conflict?


I know some of my favorite mantras from A Course in Miracles are, “I can choose peace instead of this.” Or, “light, and joy and peace abide in me.”


They help me shift the energy and find a better feeling place.


Life is always changing. Find a new direction. …he leadeth me beside the still waters. Psalm 23:2


How can you rise above and think more about opening up to a solution rather than staying low in the problem?


I know I tend to be a peacemaker in adverse situations. (Unless the righteous part of me takes over, and I want to be right).


As a peacemaker, it is easier to try to find a solution because you don’t like being in conflict.


Are there roles you can take on to help you out of uncomfortable situations, so you feel empowered and in charge?


Remember, rise above when faced with adversity.

What do YOU need to be better prepared to handle whatever comes before you?


The more peaceful you are inside of yourself, the more likely you will rise above adversity when it’s at your front door.