How Do You Start Your Day in Your Mind and Body?


One of my favorite mantras to begin my day is asking what would I love to experience today. 


Just think about that. 


Just think about how you are setting up your day like you want, intending for it to be as good as you can imagine.  And, even me, some days, aren’t as lively as others.


But, just by thinking about being blessed and happy to be alive, you set a different course for your day.  You decide how your day and life will be.


It’s too easy to get up and let life and routines take over.   Not usually in the direction you want.


Think about the healthy routines you have.  The more you think about what you want, the more you get.  That is why I keep telling you that.  To remind you, to help you build your repertoire of practices that support your greatest life. 


Celebrate! Celebrate! Appreciate! And, appreciate all you like about your life and yourself.  You will get more of it. 


It doesn’t have to be complicated. 


I do start my day meditating, usually 20 minutes.  I love to get up and exercise.  I read some of my spiritual teachings and lessons for the day. 


Even in Hawaii, I planned for those morning routines because I feel centered and alive.



I feel connected to God.

I know there are greater possibilities for my day. 

I can be happy in a bigger way.


Think of all the good things in your life.  You brought them there.


Do you expect good?  Start your day with what that is for you.  Declare it.


Not everyone wants to be happy or successful at the same level. 


If you are living in chaos or overstressed, begin with wanting to experience a more peaceful and calm day.


You decide.  This is YOUR life.  You create and design it as you want.  You do NOT have to mimic what others have done if it doesn’t suit your needs. 


My hope is that you awaken to the greatest life possible for you. My hope is to help you see the highest and greatest possibilities for you and your life.  That you realize you don’t have to put up with what is when you can create something closer to what you want today.


That’s why an easy place to begin is your morning routine, the time before everyone else puts their demands on you, and all of life takes over. 


Get up a few minutes earlier if you need to.  As Marianne Williamson says, just 5 minutes of meditation in the morning can set you on a new course for your day. 


I know for SO long I lived in stress and stress responses, and that is how my day began. 


Just feel how uptight and uncomfortable that feels.  Compare that to a calm beginning with quieting my mind and my body and nourishing my mind and body through meditating and exercising. 


What a difference.  You can feel it.


Your environment is a reflection of your inner world.


What if each morning you ask what can you do to nourish your mind and body as you begin this day? 

What if you were calm enough to listen and follow through?


As The Secret teaches, within you is the answer to every question you have.  You must trust yourself to listen and honor what you hear. 


Declare your new style to begin your day for your mind and your body. 


What if that meant wearing some brighter clothes to perk up your spirit?

What if that meant looking in the mirror and honoring all your body has done for you?

What if that meant as you step out of bed you said, “Thank you for another blessed day?”

What is that new declaration for you?


Little tiny steps.  Ones that you WILL do.  Ones where you can get some traction towards the life you want rather than be distracted by every day life’s activities and happenings. 


Take time right now and write out two (2) things you can do each morning to change the course of your day in the direction of what you want your life to be like.


Create and see the magic in your day.