How Do You Treat Yourself Well Every Day?

The value of your life is decided by how you value yourself.

If you are like me, you were, or are, searching for value outside yourself.

It’s up to you to honor and adore yourself. How you treat yourself is how others will treat you.

  • Listen to the words you say to yourself. Notice how much you are beating yourself up.
  • Are you flowing and dancing each day? Or are you complaining and spouting negativity?

How is your inner being feeling?

Permit yourself to be “good” to you every day. You probably allow yourself to be showered with love, attention, and joy on your birthday. Instead of just that day, do it every day.

Take each area of your life and see how you can take steps forward to treating yourself well every day.

  • Take time to shower yourself with positive, uplifting thoughts.
  • Focus on what you want to happen for you. Intend how your days will be. Like calm, pleasing, and peaceful.
  • Move your body. Tell your body how grateful you are for how much it has allowed you to do this lifetime. Eat well by choosing something healthy each day for yourself. Celebrate whatever victories come your way. All the little things add up.
  • Listen to your feelings and emotions. Allow all of them to be there. Realize they have messages for you and are not to be discounted. Let your emotions pass on through rather than hold on to them. See the image of clouds passing by.
  • Tap into a Higher Power. Whether that is through meditation, prayer, or spiritual gatherings. Know you always have someone on your side. Acknowledge that connection and relationship.

Notice how you feel after a day or two of giving love to yourself. How your attitude about you and your life changes. It is worth giving this attention.

Look at the judgments in your life. Judging isn’t bad or good because judging allows you to discern what works for you. Let the judgments show you the contrast, not make yourself or others wrong. Let that judgment show you what is right or wrong for you now. If you don’t like something, use it as a springboard to treat yourself better. For instance, if you’ve been a couch potato and are tired of it and make disparaging remarks about lazy people, find ways to get outdoors and connect with your neighbors or a group that could use your special skills. Whatever you judge is a mirror for you to take the next step. It’s like your breadcrumbs. Follow them.

True freedom is bringing light to the darkness in your life. Where things are not working for you anymore, something brighter and lighter wants to come through.

Life is always calling you to be the best version of yourself.

Think of yourself as a princess, CEO, or favorite actor or actress. How would they be treated? Write out what qualities that pop up for you about each person you admire. Give that to yourself.

You deserve it.

Spend the month of May focused on treating yourself well. Each day commits to making one small gesture:

  • Honoring who you are.
  • Valuing yourself.
  • Loving you.

You are the most important person in your world. You matter.