How Does Hope Keep You Going?


I realized how much I love thinking about what’s coming up in my life.  


I love looking forward to the days I pick up my grandsons from school to have our “DeeDee Time.”  

I love looking forward to when Bo returns at the end of his day.  

I love looking forward to our travel and what might show up next for us.


Hope keeps me thinking about what’s next and all I have going on in my life.  


I know how much my husband enjoyed looking forward to his Class of 68 Reunion in Maui this year to celebrate all the 70th birthdays.  Being able to share the joy, love, and beauty with others who mattered to him made this trip even more meaningful to him. His hope of a wonderful experience for others lifted him. 


Hope matters.


I hear talk about concerns with this next generation and how will they manage their lives and the nation.  


Have hope and a knowing that each generation rises up.  Change the conversation. Think about five (5) things of wisdom you might share.  It will give them thoughts to ponder and help you feel a sense of hope.


I hear people talking about all their worries and how bad life has gotten.  


As Maria Shriver said in her Sunday Paper, “I think we are living in a world full of hate, a world of anger and division, and I believe love is our only hope.  It is our way out.”


How are you sharing love?  Not just intimate love but caring and connecting with others.  If we all decide we have had enough of the hateful rhetoric, things can change.  We can hope for a better tomorrow.   


I know things I don’t like are going on but I try to focus on the possibilities, knowing God has promised us more.  The hope of a better life. The hope of more sunshine. 


Knowing I must do my part to make the world brighter. I am willing to shine a light and show another way to help remove some of the darkness.  


I believe that if you are living today, you have more work to do, more to offer others.  


What is your hope?


I believe hope keeps your head above water.  At times when you feel like you are drowning, if you can garner an ounce of hope, you can keep going. 



If you are willing, I believe the door will open for you to something better.  


I don’t believe in false hope.  Like I hope I can do that. No, that is letting you off the hook.  There is no commitment there.  


Hope is that it will be brighter and that things can be better.  That you have the ability to make it so. That you will do your part.  


Just like Abraham-Hicks reminds you, if you are down, or in a dark place, just reach for a better feeling thought.  Know what that could be for you. Is it a picture of your kids or grandchildren that will bring a smile to your face and change the energy?  Is it hugging someone dear to you?  


Let hope bring you a brighter life.  Let your highs be higher and your lows lower.  If you let hope be your guide and a tool you know is there, life can be lifted.


Where in your life do you need to feel the power of hope?


Together we can bring more hope to our world and our lives.