How Gentle Are You With Yourself?

The world needs gentleness and kindness and more of it. And it all begins with you.

As you live each day, how would you say you interact with yourself – more with gentleness and forgiveness or more with judgment and putting down?

It all begins with you.
It all begins with you.

Think about a conversation you had recently where you disagreed with someone. Were you gentle with yourself afterward?

When you make a mistake, notice the conversation in your head. Could you be more gentle and love yourself unconditionally?

Loving yourself will help dissolve some stress and tension. Just feel how good it feels when you applaud yourself or honor yourself. There is this joy inside of you. Probably a smile on your face. Your body relaxes. It feels good inside and out.

As you think about your daily interactions, do you flow and allow life to be? Or are you more like pushing and rushing your way through the day? Notice how you can slow down and be more present. Try being more in the moment, knowing all will work out.

How you can slow down and be more present

Where are you on the spectrum of loving yourself and accepting who you are?

Do you feel like you have to be strong? Are you afraid to admit to being sick? Feeling weak? Being vulnerable? Think back to a time you were sick. Did you rest and allow yourself to heal, or was the conversation more like I don’t have time for this?

Notice how you are honoring yourself. Are you valuing yourself and listening to what you hear? Do you discount the words and think you know best? At different times I was pushing through many things and kept telling myself to slow down and suddenly became ill because I didn’t listen. So I had to slow down. Colds come when there is a lot of chaos.

How can you be more gentle with yourself, so you don’t need illness? Think of the role illness plays in your life. Could you ask for what you need rather than stuff down what’s true for you? Like I need you to be there for me, I need some help.

Could being more authentic help you be more gentle and kind to yourself? Could you say “NO” when you want rather than think you need to please others and say “Yes”?

Where are you powering through things? Take notice. Think about how you can be more gentle. Can you ask your heart and inner wisdom for guidance? Your answers will come from a different place than your mind. There are unlimited possibilities.

As you assess how you feel, can you bring more compassion and love to the situation rather than thinking it’s wrong to have this illness or that feeling?

Wherever you are, it is. Be gentle, kind, and loving to yourself. I never thought about being compassionate when I was ill. I wanted it over. It was in my way. What if you could honor its purpose instead and wonder what’s here for you now? Be curious, knowing it is playing a role in your evolution.

In my David Hawkins book, “Along the Path to Enlightenment,” for March 3rd, “It is important to know that spiritual research indicates that all suffering and emotional pain result from resistance. Its cure is via surrender and acceptance, which relieve the pain.” How can this be helpful for you?

How can you heal some of your physical and mental pains by letting go of the resistance you are holding? 1% letting go of some of the opposition, 1% willingness to be more gentle to yourself by allowing whatever is.

Where can you begin changing how you treat yourself verbally or physically, so there is more compassion and kindness?

Notice how being gentle with yourself can change and soften how life is for you.

Where is gentleness needed for you?