How Has This Summer Mattered To You?


People are outdoors more in the summer. I love seeing families out and about. I know I’ve read that more people are traveling again.


Summer brings on more activities.


Summer tends to be a more relaxing time. How great is that for your body, mind, and spirit! Think about ways that you have allowed yourself to be more relaxed.


Is that gardening?


Is it having more light each day?


Is it being able to spend time sharing with neighbors?


ADD more of whatever makes you more relaxed.


Summer seems to be a time to travel and spend time with family in different ways.


Is travel relaxing for you?


Is spending time with family relaxing for you?


What matters to you this summer? 


Keeping connected with family?


Traveling to enjoy the beauty?


Being involved with missionary projects?


Acknowledge why it matters. Celebrate it. Make it meaningful by declaring its importance to you.


As you reflect upon your summer, what are you most grateful for? Did you overcome some challenges, and now you can really appreciate something more because of that situation?


Are you holding tight to someone that this might be the last summer you share?


What is it for you? Instead of just letting time or summer pass by, take time to make it meaningful or purposeful.


What stands out for you as you think about this summer? A few things for me – I was over the moon excited that I was able to go on my biking, hiking, and kayaking trip to the San Juan Islands and keep up the pace. After my injury last year, I wasn’t sure my stamina for 5 days of back-to-back activities. We rode bikes and e-bikes for 70ish miles and hiked 3 different hikes with 2 of them about 5 miles each and 1 hike just over 2 miles. I did it. It was fun and beautiful. So, so grateful.


I realized the power of commitment and dedication to a cause.


Another thing that stands out is we are taking a trip to Mackinaw Island in Michigan. We are going in a direction we have not been. We are adventuring out in the new territory. That always feels fun and different. For us, exploring new places keeps us flying high. It makes life more memorable.


Unless you purposefully create opportunities in your life, this summer can be like groundhog day, the same day over and over.


Life has more to offer you than that.


I encourage you to add moments, days, weeks, or months of something new to keep you living higher and closer to your 10s. When you step out of your comfort zone, it allows you to be more creative and more resourceful. Sometimes you have to dig deeper too. You find greater possibilities, and a new world appears for you.


Find ways to make your days important to your life, beliefs, and legacy.


What are you doing to make your summer matter?