How Honest Are You About The Choices You Are Making For Your Life?


Are you a good traveler of life or do you let life dictate your moods, thoughts, and decisions?


Let’s get honest about the choices you are making for your life.


Where in life are you giving away your power with the choices you are making?


Your attitude influences the way things unfold. How you handle the craziness known as life, determines whether your time here is enjoyable and you can laugh about it or you allow it to be miserable.   Let it all be okay and part of the process – you know, enjoy the journey.


Be realistic but an optimist about life. Life happens. There are ups and downs. There are many moments in life when things don’t go as planned.


Some people get caught up in the drama of the moment or their stories.


Always remember, YOU have control over the choices and responses you make in life. But, most people play the victim and blame others for what is happening to them.


Let go of how things “should be” and accept what is at this moment. Even if it isn’t what you want, it is what it is. Use Byron Katie’s wisdom: “When I argue with reality, I lose—but only 100% of the time.”


Use fresh eyes to see the problems in your life. Pull back the curtains of life and see things as they are, not the stories you keep going.


Let life’s situations help you evolve to your highest self. Use whatever is happening to help you, not beat you down.


Let go of what isn’t working for you.   Be honest. Be true to yourself.


Assess what part of your life is unraveling.


Are you wasting away your day with distractions and feel stressed you don’t have enough time?


“Apple reports that people unlock their iPhones an average of  80 times per day, and a 2016 study found that people touched their phones an average of 2,617 times per day. Distracted has become  the new default.”


That’s not counting the approximate 4 hours a day people watch TV.


How many times are YOU touching your phone?


Are you engaging in unhealthy behaviors?


Such as addictions whether drinking, drugs, food, shopping or sex.


Take charge of what you can. Notice your choices that you do have the power to make.


How are you moving your body? Is exercise part of your daily routine? It doesn’t have to be excessive. Just greasing the joints.


What are you eating, are you eating mostly veggies and fruit?  Drinking lots of water?


How much sleep do you get?  


What mindful breaks do you have to center yourself, to connect with your Higher Power and take breaks from the stresses of your day?


What are you filling your mind with? Negative thoughts and words? Or kindness and compassion for you and others? News, distractions or possibilities?


Honoring these 5 aspects can change the direction of your life. When your body, mind and spirit are healthy, you feel better, you make better decisions, and your choices come from a more empowered place.


Life still has challenges but you are grounded and more capable of handling whatever comes your way rather than distracting or numbing the parts of life you don’t want to face.


Focus on what matters to you.


Let go of the upsets and judgments you have about how life has been. Don’t deny how it’s been. Don’t make it wrong. Decide you are no longer going to let your past and the emotions about them drive how your life unfolds.


Use wherever you are to know you want something different. Let today and the choices you make, be the starting place for the life you want.


Let your choices each day be focused on empowering questions like what will you do to make today awesome. Or, how can I be more joyful today?


Trust that you are able to handle all that comes to you. Trust life is for you, even when it rocks your boat.


Be honest to yourself. Acknowledge what is. But, choose to live in a healthier, more productive way so you can live the life you desire and deserve.