How I Needed to be Knocked on the Head 7 Times

How come I can’t even see my own advice? (You do know that what you share with others, is often an opportunity to look at your own life, to see how that message could be helpful for you.)

One of my recent daily tips stated, “When there is pain, it’s your body telling you that you are out of alignment with your soul and purpose.” Wake up, Dottie. If it caught my attention, and it did, it’s time for me to take notice of how that could be useful to me. Oh, no, not that, or numerous other things I saw, did I connect to what I NEEDED.

I do KNOW and BELIEVE that whenever pain happens for you, there is something deeper, emotionally, mentally, going on that is connected to the pain. In most cases, I go to my Louise Hay books, Heal Your Body & You Can Heal Your Life to gather advice about what meaning that pain has for me. In these cases, I even wrote down the affirmations which are meant to help heal and focus on what you want. (But information without actions, keeps you stuck or where you are, like I did doing nothing.) I did pick up my pain was ALL on my right side. Right side reflects masculine energy like trying to control everything, do this, then this and this is how it is needs to be done even when roadblocks appear. Surprise, surprise. I am a task master, I think I am supposed to know just how things need to happen to get achieved. (Now using some of my masculine energy is great, but the pain is telling me I am out of balance with it. And, I wasn’t listening.)

The pain started with my hand, and got worse. I could have taken notice and done something besides complaining. Then my shoulder was frozen. I went to physical therapy and got it to move but still some continuous pain. I tried ignoring but it is screaming out that something isn’t right. I figured I could control it because my body is usually in great health. Now all of a sudden, my elbow and arm are aching and my neck hurts to move. Finally, it has gotten my attention. (Yes, I need to address the physical conditions, but there is the underlying message that needs to be heard too or things don’t change!)

WHY did I let this go on for so long when I had ongoing pain for a year? Why did I have to let it go to where my body is really out of sorts now? I have missed numerous opportunities to listen to my body, and to use and listen to the inner wisdom.

All the answers are within you, telling you the next step to take, and the next step if you listen. The perfect teacher appears. I missed hearing the healing wisdom or even realizing the obvious. If my right side is aching in ALL these ways, I know that represents my masculine. I could have seen how my body was asking for more of my feminine energy. My body is asking me to balance the way I handle situations in my life. It’s asking me to honor all of who I am – both my masculine and feminine energies I have. I missed the lesson, the message, even thinking about the solution until 7 KNOCKS!

Your body is a messengerwhen or if you listen.

My body is asking me to slow down, relax, allow more of life to come to me rather than trying to make or force everything to happen.

So for me, it is time to use more of my FEMININE energy. I need my feminine energy to balance the lopsided MASCULINE energy I have been using. Instead of push, push, push to make everything happen in a certain timeline or a certain way, it’s time for me to chill, have some fun with my projects, trust the Universe, God, will provide me the next thing I need in perfect timing to accomplish all I desire. I can do it with more ease and joy. Doesn’t that sound like more fun anyway?

Where in your life are you not listening to PAIN whether physical, mental or emotional?

  • Do you need to be KNOCKED 7 TIMES before you begin to listen or see the message right before you?
  • How can you CHANGE that?
  • How can you take the lesson from my situation and stop before it has gotten out of control?
  • Where can you use some guidance from a power greater than you? From your body?

Your body is talking to you, are you LISTENING?

I’m curious. How can this information be useful for you? Do you need to slow down and live more with ease and joy, enjoy the journey, not just the destination? Share with me, I love hearing from you!


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