How In Touch Are You With Your Emotions?

Did you know one of the best things to do when you feel emotional is to acknowledge it?

Accept whatever you are feeling. As Jim Rohn states, “The walls we build around us to keep sadness out also keeps out the joy.”

Whatever comes up is perfect. Because it is what it is. Use it as breadcrumbs to what’s next for you. If you are happy or feeling good, you know you align more with what is right for you. They are signs of changing course if you are upset or feeling bad. Decide something different.

Like Oscar Wilde’s quote, “I don’t want to be at the mercy of my emotions. On the contrary, I want to use them, enjoy them, and dominate them.”

Somewhere in life, you were taught certain things were bad or good. Therefore, whenever you might feel something given the label as “bad,” you think something is wrong with you if you are feeling that. Then, you push it down, down, and down. The pressure builds up in your body somewhere. Like a beach ball, that pressure can’t be kept down forever. Something happens for it to come out, whether it is an illness,
lashing out or low self-esteem.

What if, instead, you owned what you felt? Don’t make it, or you, wrong for feeling that.

Let life be simple for you, not so tightly woven. (Learn from my past revelations.)

Growing up, we were taught not to feel and suck it up. Instead, just ignore it, stuff it.

What a different world it is today in owning emotion. I get it. We have learned much about the impact of stuffing emotions. Look at all the illnesses and unhealthy patterns.

For too many people, emotions are used as weapons, whether to others or yourself.

The problems come when you allow the feelings to become unhealthy. Like letting your anger build up so much that you come attacking and raging at another. Anger can be a helpful emotion. It can propel you to action; just like if someone did something to hurt you, it could allow you to speak up and set some boundaries or move away from the situation.

Often people have stories they add to whatever just happened that you don’t like. Like, “Why is this happening to me?” “That’s not fair.” “She did this and….”

And, you spiral downward and keep those negative feelings alive and more significant.

What you resist persists.

Resistance to ‘what is’ can upset you, just like our ice maker went out. In the past, I would have been distraught. But, then, making a big deal, made up my story, and on and on. Instead, I acknowledged how frustrating and inconvenient it was. Bo and I noted it was getting older. I’ve already had repairs and had a new one put in. What else is possible?

Resistance has been a big lesson for me. So one of my mantras I say to try to help me move on is, “Thank you, God, for allowing me to feel right now the peace that comes with gratitude for what is.” That helps me stop and become aware of what I am doing. It changes my energy. The pause helps. It lessens the feeling.

Instead of grabbing the feeling or telling more stories about the situation, the idea is to acknowledge it.

“I’m sad” “I’m upset.” “I’m raging.” “I’m happy.”

You don’t deny what is happening. Instead, you acknowledge, feel it and see its purpose.

Sit with whatever you are feeling. Feel the pain, the joy, or whatever you are feeling. Don’t make it wrong, harmful, or like you shouldn’t be experiencing it.

Whatever emotion is coming up is ready to be released if you’d let it.

The emotion will pass even when it doesn’t feel like it, as you are sobbing and sobbing. Allow all that to be there.

Our emotions are there to make you aware of what’s next for you. Feel the emotion. You feel what you do. Not bad or good.

Those emotions have messages or guidance for you.

Find a tool or mantra to help you become conscious of handling emotional situations better.

Open yourself to feel your emotions and let them guide you to a better feeling place.