How is 2020 Allowing You To Be Freer?


Independence Day has just passed, and was meant to be a day of celebration of America’s freedom.  


I’m not sure many people are feeling free and opportunist right now.  


Yet, from this chaos there can be great beginnings.


Where are you willing to give up the way you thought life was to be, to create a brighter future for yourself?  


What limitations or old beliefs are keeping you stuck to how things must be or were?


Recently, my husband sent me a video about seeking a new perspective of life.  It was talking about the “Greatest Generation” group of people and all they have endured in their lifetime.  It was amazing to realize the depth of despair that happened during their lifetime.  It built their character and perspective of how they see life.


The message of this video was to be grateful for what you have today.  


I know it can feel hard when you are going through a crisis, or a few of them, but try to understand how life has paved a path for you.  


Bo and I have talked about the differences in our generation compared to our parents.  And, ours compared to our kids.  


Each generation has made life easier, and brought forth many new freedoms and opportunities.  


It’s yours for the taking, or seeing the good in life.


Yes, there are struggles and crazy things that happen.  But, that’s not what you need to focus on.  Use the contrast to help you to create the images of what you want.


The truth is the generation you are living is perfect for who you were created to be and the lessons you have for this lifetime, not somebody else’s.  


One of my daily quotes said, “A special kind of freedom is available to you if you’re willing to take the risks:  the freedom to make all your own choices.”  


Are you willing?  Willing to be responsible for your actions and reactions to experience greater freedom?  


Life happens. But, it’s what happens after that that determines the direction your life goes.  


Bitter or Better.


What are you tired of in your life?  Things that you haven’t liked in your life?  Things that didn’t go your way?


See those as an opportunity to create something new for you.  Something more in alignment with what you want.


Forgive yourself.  Learn from your mistakes, what didn’t go your way.


Today IS a new day.  Don’t drag the past forward. 


A failure remains a failure if you haven’t learned from it or figured out the message it holds for you.  


Often the obstacles and the places you have fallen out of grace are the places that are trying to capture your attention.  To show you another way.  Not beat you up.


Each situation is to teach you some of the great virtues of life – humility, responsibility, love, and forgiveness.  


How can you reframe those situations and see how they can propel you to become more of who you are – more caring, kinder?  


Declare you are ready to be free from a past that no longer represents who you want to be. 


Have the courage to pave a path forward that creates more freedom and a better life for you.


Find the support to help you move on.


Know that 2020 is helping you undo old thoughts and ideas of how you thought life had to be.  


Design a freer life and way of living that’s more fun and meaningful.