How Is Beauty Adding To Your Life?


Beauty lifts your spirit.  It changes your feelings and focus.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  It’s what matters to you.



Beauty adds to your life.  It allows you to feel more expansive.


It pleases the aesthetic, our senses.  Something inside of you is moved. 


With all the flowers blooming, summertime adds beauty to life.  The sunsets are magnificent.  It causes many people to want to share what they have just felt. 



Beauty is a core value for me.  I love walking into places that are filled with beauty.  A joy-filled atmosphere, brightness, and an aura that captures my attention.  


Take time to notice the beauty around you.  What lights you up when you notice it?  


Our new art lights us up.  It makes our rooms feel alive and fun.  



Families sharing outdoor experiences together radiate beauty to me.  I feel the joy and connection.




How much pleasure are you allowing in your life? 



Acknowledge how it makes you feel.  


As Marcus Aurelius shares, “Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” 


How does it feel to think about running with the stars?  Think of how your mood changes and how your body softens.  


What you focus on, you receive more.  


It’s time to shift your focus to the beauty that surrounds you. There’s too much negative.  Too much stress in life.  Your task is to choose beauty as your attention.  It’s easy.  Become conscious of the beauty all around you.  Make it one of your intentions.


Life will feel more magical and lighter when you focus on it.


What can you add to your life so that you can’t miss the beauty?  Or, is it more that it’s time to slow down and acknowledge all the beauty that is before you?  


Are there tweaks you can make, like adding more color or different landscapes to feel more magnificent?


What specific things can you do today and all this week to see how beauty is adding to your life?