How Is Freedom Important To You?


Why does freedom matter to your life?


Freedom allows you to live a life you desire. It is the journey of your lifetime.


Most people have a core value to be free and don’t even consciously realize it. Freedom represents something different for everyone. Of course, depending upon where you are in your life, that will make a difference. think as a teenager; you wanted to rebel against what your parents asked of you. The midlife crisis was often about questioning, “is this all there is to life?” and readjusting what you want. It was a big wake-up call because you realized life was different from what you had been taught to believe. In your career, you want the freedom to choose what you like. and, in retirement, you decide what this chapter is all about, so you finally can have the life you planned for.


Yet, within each of these transitional periods, there is a range of freedom depending upon your beliefs and thinking.


Mashhur Anam states, “When humanity is plugged into certain beliefs about reality, life, education, income, money, relationships, health, gaining, limitations, and many other things, unconsciously most people accept the “marketed truth” and do not know how to break free from the old matrix.”


Initially, life was about accumulating – whether that was things, degrees, or power. But as life goes on, you realize those are fleeting.


Freedom is an inside job. It’s a discovery of how you want your life to operate and still feel empowered and able to do what you desire. I know some people say the government controls too much. I know there can be more paperwork than I liked, but for the most part, they aren’t impacting my feelings of freedom. Therefore, I feel free to do as I please. I guess because I believe structure and boundaries provide safety and freedom for me.


Are you free to be you? The process is a long journey of knowing yourself.


You might have to give up long-held beliefs. the need to uncover all the shoulds and beliefs that are driving you. Who is running your life?


You have to choose differently. Who is there to help support you through your new decisions?


Could freedom mean your journey to your highest self?  The ability to be your authentic self?   


Is freedom the right to do whatever you want? what happens to responsibility in that thinking?


Abraham-Hicks states, “Many think success means getting everything I want. and we say, that’s what dead is, and there is no such thing as that kind of dead. Success is not being done, not being complete. Success is still dreaming and feeling positive in the unfolding.”


Gordana Biernat shares, “It took me years to figure out that fearlessly being who I am and unconditionally loving what I am, had nothing to do with selfishness, vanity or egoism, and everything to do with worthiness, compassion, and understanding.


Here’s what I have learned; self-love is a state of mind where you appreciate, respect, and honor yourself. It is a state of mind where you do not break promises to yourself, where you are as kind to yourself as you are to others, and where you forgive yourself as easily as you forgive others. self-love is about being your own best friend because make no mistake, the most important relationship you will ever have in your life is with yourself.”


What are you discovering about how freedom is important to you?


Notice what’s holding you back from what you desire. In working with the idea of retirement for many years, it’s been fun to hear how many people are choosing to do what they want now. because growing up their parents told them they couldn’t make a living doing their art or being in a band. This old and they are finally free to do as they please.


Why do you believe you can’t have or do what you want? It’s only stories in your head or words you keep hearing repeated. know that’s not the truth. you are free to decide based on what words you keep saying to yourself.

It is often said that people in prison are freer than most of us in society.


What shackles are keeping you bound?   


The need for approval?

Fear of abandonment?

Fear of not being loved or seen by others a certain way?

Too much government?

The news?


Know yourself. Know what you desire, and what’s holding you back.


Dig deep and listen.


Freedom means to wake up to who you are. Enjoy the journey.