How Is Thanksgiving Calling You To Be More Appreciative?


Where are you on the spectrum of everything happens for you rather than to you?


This is Thanksgiving week. A great opportunity to stop and ponder what you have to appreciate. If you are like me too often I take so many things for granted, like a roof over my head, running water, electricity, cars that run, a nice bed to sleep on, groceries, money to pay our bills, and my computer working. And, the list could go on and on…


Days like Thanksgiving are a great reminder to go deeper and really realize how truly blessed you and I are.


If you allow it to be that way for you. Or you can be negative, helpless and resentful about what you don’t have.


You always have a choice.


The last few months have been catastrophic for many people with the hurricanes, flooding and all the shootings. It’s easy to focus on how “horrible” life is.


Or you can use it to propel you to new heights.



It can catch your attention. You can become sick and tired of how things are. You become ready to do something different. You become willing to take a stand, make a change.


I believe it is situations like these that can awaken people.


How can you use these moments to stop, pause and make a shift in your thinking and your life? Whether that is declare how much you have to appreciate or by answering the call to step up, live bigger or more positive. Or take on some of the challenges that are disturbing you.


If you want to change your mood at any time, stop and write out 100 things a day you have to be grateful for. Do that for a week and your life will change significantly. You get what you focus on. Your perspective will change.


You will see a whole new world.


Or as Kate Byrne says, “I think a lot of people are going through transitions right now … it seems to just be what’s going on. People are feeling called to align even more with their heart’s desires, to let go of heaviness or honor what their soul’s voice has been whispering (or maybe shouting when you don’t listen).”


Use Thanksgiving to awaken you to what’s calling you – whether that is:

to stop and be more grateful

to note you have complained long enough without doing something  about it

to appreciate all you are and have

to be more loving, peaceful or joyful

to realize now is the time to live your dream

to be willing to reach out and ask for help


Life is mirroring what you need to do or be.   What are you seeing?


Can you see how life is happening for you?


Take advantage of the opportunities you are being given.