How is There Good When You See The Opposite?


Life is easy when everything is going well. Optimism allows you to look on the bright side of whatever circumstances you may be facing.


If you can step into your higher purpose and know that every situation in life is planned for you to grow into your Highest Self, it can take away the struggles and the need to blame or be a victim.


When you are able to look at life is for you, then it allows you to release many of the conflicts in life. Life happens to us by happening through us.


Much of the grind with life is you want it to be different. You want what you want and how you want life to go. You think everyone should be like you want them to be and do life like you think they should.


Life is what it is. I used to hate that saying but now I get it. You start with what is happening, not struggle or resist it because what you resist persists. And, it makes you madder or more frustrated.


Byron Katie’s The Works was instrumental in helping me shift my understanding of how life works.


Set your course of how you want life to go but as detours or obstacles appear, pause and notice. They have important information for you, not meant for you to become undone over.


Whenever you are suffering, it’s important to honor the emotions you are feeling. Negative emotions are part of you. It’s not that you are to deny them but realize you have a choice of how to let things play out. Not get into fighting what is. Acknowledge how you feel, and let it be, then change the vibration. Put some music on, walk outside. Do things that you enjoy to change the energy. Get to something that feels better even if it is not about what is getting you down. Go within and find out what your emotions are saying to you. What needs to be seen or heard?


It’s important to embrace all parts of the human journey – the pain, the struggles, the falls from grace as well as the mountains you’ve climbed, the races you’ve won and the successes you’ve had.


It is necessary to own both sides. Both sides have meaning for you.


Love encompasses acceptance, creativity, and joy. Fear includes judgment, shame and being a victim.


You always have a choice. There is a time for both. For instance,


Yin and Yang – the allowing or the forcing. Sometimes it’s important to just be and allow things to happen or come to you. More like being mindful, being present. Relax and enjoy. Other times you take charge and get things done. Neither is good or bad, it depends on the circumstances and the balance. For most of my life, I’ve been a take-charge person. This year my word has been “Yin.” I have been learning a lot and some of it has been hard like slowing down, relaxing, not having everything planned. But, I do see the benefits.


Accepting or Resistance – Even if you don’t like a situation, it’s important to deal with it and accept it is what it is. Like getting a flat tire. It is never convenient, but rather than adding resistance and ranting, it’s more peaceful and life flows easier, when you just accept – I have a flat tire, I need to fix it.


Contrast or Compare – Contrast is important for you to notice what you desire and what you don’t want or care about. Contrast helps you decide more clearly what’s important to you. Instead, too often, we compare ourselves to others. They have this, they look like this and I don’t, causing too many feelings of not enough or not good enough.


An important part of enjoying life is to know there are lots of choices of how to do life. What is good for you isn’t necessarily what someone else needs to grow into their greatest Self.


Too often it’s easy to take ahold of the negative and stay stuck in that negativity, thinking you are protecting yourself.


Life isn’t meant to be hard. But, most of the examples we see in life keep us focused on the struggles and believing life is hard and stressful.


If instead, you could begin shifting your thinking to know that no matter whether the lesson is challenging or easy, it is an opportunity to grow into your most loving Self. Life becomes easier and lighter.


Find the good in whatever is before you. It’s there. Sometimes you can’t see it until you have waded through the muck. I know for years while working in education, when we would have a break, I’d get sick. It would be life showing me I needed to
slow down. I wouldn’t let myself relax or think I had time but guess what. When I was sick and couldn’t get out of bed, I had to slow down, refuel.


What I want for you, is to see that you can decide and plan for the life you want. You don’t have to be sick to rest when you realize life will work out without exhausting yourself in the process.


How can you see the good in your life right now no matter what you are facing?