How Long Are You Desiring To Live?

How are you planning for your future?

I know there is much talk about how long you will live at this age. There are numerous new books and conversations about aging.

I think the best thing I’ve learned is that YOU and your choices greatly impact how long you will live.

That feels empowering.

That feels promising.

How Long Are You Desiring To Live?

Just like many of the things we told our kids about, thinking ahead, thinking about the choices you are making, and thinking about what you want are also true for this conversation.

Think about the most promising thing you are doing today that will impact your future.

Is it the way you eat?

Is it how you treat your body?

Is it with your thinking?

Notice if you are worn out and not listening to what you need.

Think about the attitude you bring to each day and your decisions. This past week while we were vacationing with our kids and grandkids in Montana, the sewer backed up in Airbnb we were staying at. It was coming out in most of the rooms on the bottom floors, all over our stuff, soaking all their rugs, stinking. We were trying to find enough towels to clean up the disaster. The worst part is that we were supposed to take family pictures. We were taking showers to get ready. The Universe had a different idea. After much chaos and upset, I reminded myself how I can handle this with ease and serenity. I called the landlord and put it in his hands. Around 10 p.m., he finally called out a plumber who fixed the problem.

Life can throw you things you do not want. Living in a more relaxed and focused way can help you live healthier. (even when “shit” happens).

You decide how you want to live.

Food is medicine.

Exercise is a game changer. It helps reduce all kinds of illnesses.

It reduces inflammation.

It changes your mood.

It builds muscles, which keeps you stronger.

Your mind guides your direction on how your life goes.

What are you doing to live longer – as a healthy, vibrant person?

Think about your choices today that impact your health and aging.

Not deciding IS deciding. So if you are the one who thinks I don’t want to think about that, that is a decision. You are giving away your power.

Today, begin to take your life in your hands. Make the best choices you can to enliven your life.

2% better choices, and 2% more willing, can change the course of your life.

What is one (1) thing you can do today? One thing.

Tomorrow ask yourself that same question. Maybe it is the same thing you choose to do. Do that until it becomes a habit.

You can live healthily.

Take it easy on yourself as you shift into something new or different.

What is your intention on how long you’d like to live?

I used to think I wanted to live a long, long time but anymore, but my latest intentions are as long as I can live healthy, vibrant, and fulfilled. I’m working on making that commitment. Some days have better choices than others. But I don’t lose my focus.

Your life matters. Make choices to ensure you live the rest of your life as you intend, even when life throws you curveballs.