How Much Are You Listening To Your Body, Your Inner Wisdom?


Spirituality is a journey of becoming more like the Divine. First is knowing you are a spiritual being having the human experience. Then, the peeling away of all that is not your Divine essence.


One of my significant learnings is nothing needs to be fixed. I sure worked hard in thinking I had to fix a lot about myself and others. Now I know everything is unfolding perfectly for my greatest growth.


By listening to your body and inner wisdom, you realize life is trying to get your attention so that you have the happiness and peace you desire.


Focus more on the qualities you like to become rather than seeing life as a series of accomplishments, whether that is your to-do list or who you think you should be.


Mashhur Anam “Conventional education teaches you to work hard, get a job and work 9-5 till 65. The energies have changed a lot in the last 10 years. It’s changing even faster now. So why not take advantage of powerful energy fields that exist so you can plug in, work smart, be in your heart and design your life playfully?”


When you are connected to God, you will never have to worry if what you are doing is right for your life.


There’s a power within you that’s greater than anything outside yourself.


How are you tuning in to your inner world? How much do you trust your intuition? Or,


Have you lost trust in yourself?


Have you learned to listen more to your head than your heart?


Are you in conflict with whatever is happening?


People do what they do. They act on the level of their consciousness. That’s why life can be hard.


And why it’s important to become more conscious of what you are doing and the choices you are making.


You receive more of what you focus on. Know what is guiding your life – Is it God or your ego and its needs? The ego is for sure where my life was guided for most of my life until I became more conscious and allowed more possibilities to appear in my life by listening to my inner wisdom.


Deep inner listening while following the Divine breadcrumbs are tools for living in alignment with a life of peace and love.


Your emotional guidance system is there for you to hear – your calling, your next steps, and warn you that you are going off track.


Your body lets you know SO MUCH. Listen to it by paying attention to it. See if what you are eating or putting in your body feels right or not. The problem is most of us don’t listen. Take time to notice what it is telling you with the next thing you put in your body. Notice how your body feels – light, heavy, bloated, tired. Are you giving it the love it needs? The rest? Your body is always talking to you to bring you to optimal health.


Turn up the volume to your inner wisdom. Your body is designed to share that wisdom.


You are a creator. For instance, if you desire something, try to have more in your life. Listen to how you believe what you desire or not can happen for you.


Your inner world must match your outer desire before it manifests. Your work is to align with the frequency of what you are desiring. One of the tools I heard Abraham share was to have a set of blocks. One pile is positive thoughts about your desire, and the other pile is for negative thoughts or beliefs you hold about what you want.


So if you are saying you want to lose weight, start watching your thoughts and then notice which pile is the highest. “It’s hard.” “I’ve tried so many things.” All negative. So easy because that’s where you are. You have to really become conscious of having more thoughts and feelings about why you want what you do to build that positive pile higher. If your desire is not in your life, it is because you have more thoughts about why it can’t happen. The pile tool can help you see more clearly where the resistance is and what needs to happen to create the desire.


Listening to what is happening inside of you changes your life—by first becoming more conscious of what is happening in there. Then change the behaviors in the outer world. Finally, you have to make new choices in the direction of what you desire.


Your life is richer when you listen to your body and inner wisdom. Your heart yearns for this love and peace.


Little by little.


You have been blessed with this inner guidance system that will lead you to your Highest and Greatest Self.


Have faith and trust you do KNOW what’s next, what’s right for you.


Remember to connect with your Divine throughout your day.


Like taking a walk, it is medicine for the soul. You are free to listen and connect to something greater. The energy is pure and of high vibration.

Find some mantras that remind you. “God goes with me wherever I go.” “I let go and let God lead my life.” “I am led by inner guidance.” “I follow my Divine breadcrumbs.”


The more you find ways to live from your inner wisdom, the more you experience the life you desire to live.