How Much Are You Willing To Do?

Watching the NBA draft this week made me think about some of the principles of manifesting what you want.

Focus, commitment, dedication and believing it can happen.

  • I heard these young men talking about being an NBA player is all they dreamed about.
  • I heard their parents say they have been playing basketball since they were 3 years old.
  • I heard them talk about the dedication and drive they have had for a decade or more.

My mind began racing about how committed am I to building my business. How dedicated am I to stay the course, the ups and downs, the long haul?

As my mentors always tell you, find people who are successful doing what you want to do and model yourself after them.

There’s the good and bad of that. I want to be just like them. NOW. I get into the comparing where I am and where they are. I see them now not where they began.   I see their success and how easy they make it all seem.

That’s not healthy. That’s not what you want to do. You want to use them as examples of where you want to be. Use them as people who can help you become what you want. Use them to challenge you to be your best.

The message is more about how much you are willing to do to make it happen.

Not to make you feel small or inadequate. Not to make you think it’s impossible for you to achieve your dreams. Use them as the light and possibility of showing you that you can have whatever you want.

Seeing this draft was important for me.

Often you hear about overnight successes. Think of these young men and all they and their families gave to make these dreams happen. It wasn’t overnight.

Intellectually I know it can take years. I do know the importance of clarity, commitment and dedication to whatever you want. Just like each degree I received. It was broken down into bite size parts so I was able to manage it and move forward. Semesters of classes over years. I had certain courses and requirements I needed to meet. It was up to me how much I was giving to the classes and work expected. I could move faster or slower depending upon my needs at the time. The pacing was up to me. I didn’t obsess over the end when I was beginning. I was doing what was right before me, chiselling away so that one day I would have all the pieces completed to receive my degree. It was important to keep the end in mind. Realize my big why. To feel the passion and excitement of having that teaching degree, my administration degree.

It’s easy to get distracted and feel like it will never happen.

It made me realize how impatient I am. I want things to happen now.

Even though I do know about God’s perfect timing.

I have to be ready to receive these great gifts and opportunities I desire.   I have to be ready mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It made me realize how much more I need to be grateful for how far I have come.

This week take some time to recommit to your bucket list, your dreams or goals. Use these basketball players as motivation and mentors. Let them remind you of what it takes to accomplish the great things you want.


  • Establish what it is you want. What’s your vision? What’s the goal or desire you want? The more clear and specific in your visioning of it, the more passionate and excited you are about it happening, and the more you believe it can happen, it is more likely it will come to be.
  • Next, break down your dream into bite size pieces so it’s manageable and perceivable for you.
  • Take those steps. Be in action.
  • Celebrate all along the way.

Just like with these young men, dreams do come true.

How willing are you to doing what it takes to live your dreams?