How Much Easier Would Life Be If You Allowed Yourself To See The Lessons In Everything?


Life is a journey or a struggle.


You get what you believe.


If you believe you can’t trust people. Guess what will show up in your world. People you can’t trust.


If you believe life showers you with beauty. You will see beauty all around.


Life is the self-fulfilling prophecy.


That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to watch your thoughts, beliefs, and attitude.  


Life is beautifully orchestrated.


If you allow it to be.


The fun and exciting part is when you release the need to push through life doing what you have seen or learned.  


The joy is waking up and realizing that there is a natural flow of life unfolding for you based on who you are and what you want. Connecting to something larger than yourself.


It’s so much easier.   Following your heart and your own guidance system.


But, whew, it has taken me a loooong time to find it.


Just like with my weight journey. It has been a struggle.                      


I was so negative way in the way I have talked to myself. If I lost weight, I was excited and thought I was doing such a great job. If I didn’t or gained weight, the negative feelings and self-  talk took over.


The diets created stress and anxiety because my focus was attacking, make it work. It was all or nothing mentality.


It’s all I knew at the time. It’s the way I saw to handle losing weight. Obviously, I had results at that time but now looking back, I understand why I couldn’t sustain that way.


My body was in fear and struggle.


You’ve seen the people who can eat anything and be thin. Well, what I’ve realized is their relationship and journey with their body is more relaxed and accepting than the way I had chosen.


I see how life has been calling me but I wasn’t listening. I thought I was in charge and knew the way.


I know that no one can cause negativity about my life other than myself. But how I process how the world works is up to me. That’s why it’s so important to open up to how life is trying to show you the easier, more loving way based on who you are. God’s plan for your life.


How about instead, if I shift the way of dealing with my extra weight and use it as a doorway to grow. Let it help me evolve to be the person I’m meant to be. Use the clues along the way – like wondering when I see thin people eating a lot how I might learn from them since it caught my attention. For instance, the ones I know eat slowly, enjoy their food and are relaxed about it all. They aren’t uptight and in a hurry about everything.


How about if I open to the lessons life is trying to teach me.


Because as one of my mentors said, how you do anything is how you do everything.


It’s made me see not only did I attack diets with command and force but that’s how I thought you did life. Head on.


It’s made me see how I haven’t accepted the imperfections in me.


No wonder I have felt stressed and frustrated.


I was going against God’s plan for the way my life was to unfold.


Yet, there have been blessings for me in not getting results and sustaining the weight easily.


It has taught me to go within. Listen to my inner wisdom.

I’ve realized the power to go deeper and not look for a simple fix.  

I am learning how to nourish myself.

I’m seeing a kinder, more gentle way of doing life.


If you are frustrated, stuck or upset, know there are lessons for you. As John Roger, DSS says, “The situation you perceive as negative may be Spirit’s blessing, giving you the opportunity to clear conditions that are holding you back and allowing you to move into greater strength and freedom.”


The idea is not to beat yourself up over where you are but to realize life is always trying to capture your attention for you to travel the path to YOUR highest and greatest good based on your needs, not societal or cultural.


Let life evolve for YOU.


Begin today, listening to your heart, body, and mind.


No matter where life is taking you, take time to pause and choose “the journey” rather than the struggle.


Feel how much lighter and kinder it is can be to accept yourself where you are.


There is a gold mine of possibilities for you to change direction. Not easy, but much lighter and fun.


Find the lessons your journey wants to convey to you. See the gifts and blessings the struggle has brought to you.


Honor those.


Use life and its challenges to help you find the way to your highest and greatest good. An easier and more loving way.


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