How Risky Are You Willing To Go?


Life is but an adventure. Never knowing what is going to happen.


How comfortable are you with the road of the unknown?


“It’s not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It’s because we dare not venture that they are difficult.” — Seneca


Do you trust God to take you to your Highest and greatest good?


Life can be boring if you hold on for too much structure and routine. Routines provide certainty, safety and security.


But, on the other side, too much chaos can leave you feeling anxious and stressful.


So where’s the balance for you?


Two of the basic needs in life are certainty and uncertainty. Seems like a paradox. But, the truth is too much certainty, you lose the zest for life. Uncertainty keeps life alive and moving. Keeps you paying attention.


The journey is to figure out how much certainty and uncertainty is right for you. Where are you on a scale of 1-10 for certainty and uncertainty? 10 is the highest need.


This is important to know as you interact with other people. If you are in a relationship and need lots of adventure and your partner wants total familiarity with each day, you might be experiencing some conflict. Boredom or loss of interest. If that’s the case, you and your partner might be on opposite ends of the scale for certainty and uncertainty. Check it out.


Some people need lots of excitement in life. Think of car racers or mountain climbers. There is a lot of uncertainty. Think of people who never want to leave their homes, or rarely. They believe everything they need is right there. Lots of certainty is needed.


Not good or bad, but the need to understand the differences with the people in your life is important to enjoying your relationships.


What happens if you don’t have these needs met in positive ways, you will engage in negative type behaviors like addictions, unwilling to commit or other attention getting behaviors to fulfill them.

I’m reading The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin. In it he asks, “What are you afraid of? The old rules: play it safe. Stay in your comfort zone. Find an institution, a job, a set of rules to stick to. Keep your head down. Don’t fly too close to the sun.”


“The new truth: It’s better to be sorry than safe. You need to fly higher than ever.”


Where are you — closer to the old rules or ready to fly?


As Marisa Murgatroyd states, “What thrills us as humans is the process of discovering something new.”


This thrill addresses another basic need. The need to grow, to learn, to experience more.


I think that’s why I love to travel, especially when others plan it for me. The balance of uncertainty and certainty. There’s so much new to explore. I learn about other cultures, geography, beauty and history. For instance, we love traveling with Backroads Biking and Hiking. They take us into the experience, true backroads. Like biking in the bush in Africa or hiking the Inca Trail in Peru.



We LOVE it! Discovering something new and exploring. Pure fun and exciting, a little edgy. It’s what we need and enjoy to fuel our spirits.


How are you risking and fulfilling your need for uncertainty and growth?


What is adventure to you? Is it something physical?   Mental?   Emotional?   Spiritual for you?


Adventure is exciting and bold. You tend to up your game.


The definition of adventure according to the Oxford Dictionary is 1. An unusual and exciting or daring experience. 2. Excitement associated with danger or the taking of risks.


What if I asked you, “Your mission should you choose to accept it is to recapture the adventure of life, rise to who you are so that you can live healthy, vibrant and fulfilled?”


What would that be for you?


Mashhur Anam asked in one of his newsletters, “What rules, regulations and ties can you break using the rebellious and innovative energy of Uranus?” I have pondered this, trying to come up with something. I know there is fun on the other side of rules. But my military brat upbringing cringes when I think about not following the rules.


Yet, you get me going on thinking about new ideas or places to explore, I am on it.


But, breaking the rules, I’m stuck. Just this weekend, we were with some friends on the lake, playing in the water. They handed us a little seat to keep upright in the water. I was asking which way does it go? John said, “This isn’t school, you don’t have to have it one way.” So telling of me. I want to do it right.


The paradox of exploring. The uncertainty, and the need for certainty. It was so freeing when I figured out what was right for me.


National Geographic 2018 Adventures of the Year ( highlights trailblazers in their communities who are pushing boundaries, smashing stereotypes and overcoming obstacles. They are leading the way. There are hikers who are going the length of the Grand Canyon to save it. Steve Boyes, a biologist, is helping with Wilderness Protection to save the wildest place on the planet in Africa.


How can you use your adventurous spirit to make a difference? Can that push you to the edge? No matter where that feeling of risk begins for you.


Fear holds lots of people back.


Risking doesn’t have to be big leaps. Be willing to risk a little more each day.


What if it is in your thinking that you need to stretch or risk a little more?


Find someone that you know that can help you step out of your comfort zone even if it is just a little bit. My husband is way more risky and adventurous than I am. It’s one of the things I love about him. I let him lead the way when we mountain bike. I watch him and just keep going like he did. I don’t think about it, I just play. He knows how far I am willing to go, so he warns me when something is over my comfort zone. He tells me I might want to get off, see it, try a little bit of it or wait until I have more courage and experience in that area. So nowadays, because I tried and trusted Bo helping me, I’m willing to do a lot more. And, it’s fun and exciting. I feel so good about pushing the boundaries of where I was.


What if a good starting place to be a little risky, would be to take a field trip. Remember back in school going to places you hadn’t been. It was exciting and a great break from being in school. Think like that, think in terms of what delights you and how fun it would be to break the routine. Is that visiting a big town like New York City? Or riding on a train? Or going to art museums?


What would a little more uncertainty look like in your life?


It can feel risky to go outside the unknown. Acknowledge that.


Think about how you want to feel on the other side. Is that ecstatic you did something you hadn’t or proud of yourself for being willing?


Once you conquer it, you feel so strong. It gives you the courage to enjoy more of what life is offering. You will taste new things.


For many people, they have put off living their dreams. Is that the risk you need to take?       


Do you think it’s too far off and unrealistic?

Are you afraid of what you might leave behind?

What is holding you back from living fully?


It’s time to go for it. Trust your next step.


Risk living the life you want.


You are worth it. The time has come to make it happen. How risky are you willing to go?


Even eagles need a push.


Need help adding a little fun and excitement to your life.   Sign-up for a complimentary discovery call at and let me be part of your safety net to go after your dreams and desires.