How To Use 2020 As An Opportunity To Recreate Your Life


I love new seasons, new years or even better a new decade.  These transitions give me the opportunity to pause and reflect upon what is working for me, what needs to change and how I can level up.


Becoming conscious is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.  Feeling empowered and knowing you have a choice of how your life can go, is freeing and amazing. 


I love helping you awaken to your greatest, remind you of what’s possible for your life.



A New Year, A New Decade – What Would An Epic Year Look Like For You?


I’m sharing a few tools and strategies that could make this an epic year for you once you decide and know what you want.  It takes discipline and focus.


Take time to dream.  Think about that inner child inside of you.  What does she want?  The reason I’m going there is too often the adult you wants to be practical.  Kids are willing to dream, play and be silly. 


Maybe that’s the spot you can use to begin this new decade.  You give yourself permission to play full out.  To have fun, to let go of the need to feel so burdened by all your adult responsibilities.  Change how you view being an adult.


Are you enjoying life?  What would make it more joyful for you? Or, pure fun each day?


What’s your biggest dream or what’s on your bucket list?  What would blow you out of the water if you had “this” in your life? 


Think about how you can create more “Wins” for yourself.  Not perfection, but ways to feel better and keep moving to the 2020 Decade of You. 


Instead of thinking you have to become perfect in your new quest for whatever it is you want, like eating healthier or exercising since those tend to be the highest desire of most people this time of year.  How about using a chart like Good —  Better —- Best?  That way, whatever you desire feels more realistic like it is doable.  The chart can remind you to take baby steps. 


GOOD                 BETTER                BEST


Find those 10s you want in your life.  Make a plan to work towards having more 10s in your life.  Some of that is just letting go of what is no longer serving you.  Sometimes it is beliefs, habits or people.  Define your 10s.  It’s uplifting. Because it’s validating YOU.  Honoring who you are and what you desire.


Yes, it can be scary to let go of what’s familiar and okay, but it also can be exhilarating.  You choose which you want to feel. 


Take time to define what it is you really want.  How do you want to FEEL this year?  Then work backward.  For instance, my word of the year is Connection.  So, if I want to feel more connected at the end of the year, what would I be doing along the way?  How would I be?  I need to think how I want to make that happen in my physical world, my mental world, my emotional world, and my spiritual world.  For instance, I want to connect more with my heart. I want to connect with the Highest feeling thoughts before I make a decision.   I want God leading more of decisions.  I want to rely on God more. I want to connect more with people who will elevate my consciousness.   I plan on connecting more to my body and listening to it when it tells me it’s had enough exercising.  And, to what foods feel good and nourishing to it.  I am open to new possibilities and ready for more connections.  What do you want?


Write out lists of things that you are grateful for in each area of your life.  Remember, you get more of what you focus on.  Good and bad, it’s where you are putting the energy. 


You create from your boundaries. 


I made out my 10 Commandments last year to help remind me of the beliefs I want guiding my life.  It really helps you step away from the mundane routines and habits of life.  It helps you connect more with purpose and heart.  What’s RIGHT for YOU!  Take time to do that for yourself.  It pays dividends.







Marie Forleo’s new book, Everything Is Figureoutable, says we increase our odds of success by 42% (FORTY-TWO PERCENT!) by simply writing our goals down.  Aren’t you worth taking the time to write out a few?


Twice recently I received the message that 10% of what is possible is in the physical world, like using our five senses but 90% more is possible when you connect to God, The Universe, the unlimited possibilities.  I’m going for that.  Not sure how, but I do know when I put it out there, miracles happen, the right people and situations come my way.


How could you set that 90% as one of your goals, desires?  Then you define what you want from that connection to the field of possibilities. 


Can you allow your spirit rather than your head to decide the direction for 2020?  You have 90% unlimited possibilities!  Go out there and have some fun with reaching higher than you can imagine.  I’ll meet you there.


Does your life need more order and routine?  Would that help you feel more peace and calm?  Just notice your morning routine.  If you start with negative or chaos as you are beginning your day, that is how you are setting up that day.  Find a more centered, calm way to begin.


Meditate for 5 minutes

Begin with a gratitude journal.   

Set intentions of how you want your day to go by asking yourself “What do you want to experience today?” 


As you set a new path for this next year and decade, you have to be willing to say “NO” to some of the old.  What are some of those “Nos” you will be saying?  Make a list of at least 5.  If you don’t LOVE what you are doing, why are you continuing it?  The best way to be able to say “No” to something is to have a better feeling YES replacing what was.  Know what those “Yeses” are!  Make a chart – THIS WAS, your “Nos. THIS IS, your “Yeses.”


THIS WAS                      THIS IS


Since life doesn’t go backwards, honor where you are.  Knowing the past created where you are today, but also knowing that you have this day, this year and this decade to create more of the life you dream of or desire.  It’s never too late.  Keep what you like about the past to bring forth into this new year.  Use the wisdom you have gained from the joys and pains of your past, but don’t drag your baggage, heavy hurts and resentments. 


Empower yourself.  Take charge of creating the life you want.  Do what feels right for you.


Use the opportunity of this new year, new decade to do deep cleansing and create new, exciting potential. 


This is your life.  Use 2020 as a stepping stone to having this the best decade of your life.