How Will You Renew Yourself in 2019?




The vitality of life comes from looking forward to something new, something exciting.


This time of year is a great reminder that you can decide to create something new for your life – is that a more positive and grateful attitude? Is that letting go of things or people that are taking your peace of mind away? Or is it working toward having a healthier body?


What is calling you?


Whatever feelings you are having, you are attracting your tomorrow. Notice and decide to start there for the life you want.


One of the things I decided to work on in this new year is developing more of my feminine. The feminine works more from your heart and from connections – feelings, empathy, patience, thoughtfulness, intuition, and vulnerability.


My driving force for most of my life was about task and achievement. Most of my role models were headed by the masculine model of pushing your way through something, go hard. Like the bull in the china cabinet. You know aggressive, assertive, competitive and being in your head. I know growing up, we were taught not to “feel.” You know, like suck it up.


Strong masculine. It served me well, mostly.


Life is about balance. So what I’ll work on is the balance of more feminine.


I can see where life can be more relaxing and loving if I live more from my heart. Be open to the feelings, the vulnerability. Not have to plan and control things so much.


You only understand any quality in relation to the opposite of it. More feminine will soften me, open my heart more.


I know how good it feels to be in my feminine because of Bo. He is such a manly man. He protects me, like staying near me when we are both driving home late in separate cars. He takes great care of me – opening doors, asking if I’m good, and showers me with attention. And, he allows me to be my own person. But he also has that ability to sense what others need. Great balance for him.


How are you renewing yourself this next year?


Put yourself out on the edge. Be willing to try something different for 2019. Live consciously and courageously.  


Send me an email at, and let me know what it is that you will focus on for 2019.