How Willing Are You To Be Yourself?


Dying people wish to live fully as possible in their final time.


Rather than wait till your last days, begin letting yourself live each day now.


When you come to a fork in the road, you can decide to stay in the familiar territory and die more each day. Or, you can choose a path aligned with your passions, values and talents which allow you to be more alive and awake to who you are.


Be open to what messages God is sending your way. When life is calling you, follow it.


We are all on a spiritual journey whether you know it or not. The more conscious you become about the gifts and lessons that life is bringing you, the easier and more peaceful life becomes. You see everything in life as an opportunity for learning. You enjoy life more.


Transitions can bring new opportunities and possibilities for you. You can finally become closer to who you really are. You no longer have to please your parents. You don’t have to look a certain way or play a certain role. You can say what you want to say.


Just like when you retire, you lose your identity. You are no longer CEO, Principal or Manager. You have to redefine yourself. You must ask yourself, who am I now.


It can be hard. That identity gave you a purpose and value. Now, who are you?


The good news is, you can decide to be whoever you want. But, you have to know who that is for you.


Begin processing deep beliefs regarding early messages you made about who you should be. Is that true for you today?   Who are you really? Take the time to get clear. Use this message to help you become yourself, be at more peace with life.


By going within and understanding what is happening from a deeper perspective, it will bring you closer to your most authentic self.


How do you find out what things means for you? Ask empowering questions like “What am I to learn from this?” “What’s the good in this for me?” so you can benefit from whatever may be happening in your life.


What changes are you willing to make to live a more authentic life? One that is aligned with who God made you to be. It’s not easy. You could be going against your family whether that’s choosing a new religion or a differing way of life than they had. It takes lots of courage and fortitude.


But so freeing.


Don’t be like so many others at the end of their life wish they had the courage to live a life true to themselves, not the life others expect of them.


Be willing to live a life true to yourself. You are worth it.