How Willing Are You To Take Responsibility For Your Choices?


I don’t know about you but I am tired of everyone blaming someone else.  


You are responsible for YOUR LIFE.  


Did you know that it is a very small percentage of people who take responsibility for their lives?


Taking responsibility empowers you.  


You are an adult.  It’s not always fun to be an adult.  


Adults take responsibility for their actions.  


Take a look at how you are playing victim and staying in the blame game.  Who are you blaming or making wrong?  The economy, your partner or politics?  


In my book, Making Your Dreams Come True, A 21-day Journey to Your Higher Self, I dedicated the first chapter to Taking Responsibility for Creating the Life You Desire.  I felt like it is the one quality needed to have a great life, one that is happy, loving and peaceful.  At the end of the chapter, I have some action steps to help you rise higher.  LIke make a list of the people or circumstances you currently blame for the way your life is now.  Then, think about how you could shift that to taking more responsibility.  Also, look at each area of your life financial, relationships, spiritual and see on a scale of 1-10 how you are taking responsibility to have the life you want.  


Nobody else knows what greatness is for you.  This is your life.  Your journey which includes the peaks and valleys, achievements, successes, hardships, differences, ebbs and flow is the combination of life for everyone.  The individual situations will be what makes you unique and special.  And, the choices you’ve make through each of these challenges and opportunities.


People and situations are in your life to help you DECIDE what is right for you.  Life is a smorgasbord.  There are many choices and ways for you to live.  Not slam, degrade or put down others.  If you see someone doing something that you don’t like, that means to take a moral inventory of your life.  Where might that be happening in your life?  Then, it’s time to change your way, forgive yourself for participating in that.  Or, is it a message to help you realize how important it is not to hurt others, that you want to be more caring.  


Life is giving you feedback.  It’s your choice what to do with it based on what you want for YOUR life.


I know it doesn’t feel good when you see things you don’t like.  But, instead of blaming or putting down others as wrong, think about what you can do to put you in a better feeling place.  As I learned, probably the hard way, you have your circle of concern and your circle of influence.  Meaning where you CAN make a difference.  Otherwise, you are creating more havoc in your life than is needed.  For instance, when I was a principal.  I would be so frustrated with crazy requirements that would come our way in the school, like Leave No Child Behind – the testing craze.  It took the art and love out of teaching, leaving out the personal individual needs.  I  complained, ranted and hollered.  It was a choice.  I was playing victim, blaming others.  The only thing that does is keeps you in helpless mode.  It never helped, and only put others and myself in more tension.  The law was a requirement.  My job was to find a way to be the leader and help pave the best path for my teachers to take care of the children in their classrooms in spite of something we didn’t agree with.  That’s where I had influence.


The same thing with your life.  Your partner will do things you don’t like.  The economy has its cycles.  But, it’s always your choice of how you handle the situation.   Yes, you can be upset, not like it.  But it’s your responsibility to decide how you can make the best of it to have a happy, loving and peaceful life you desire. 


Complaining or blaming keeps you going down the rabbit hole.  


Look for solutions to rise above and move you forward.


You must remember what you want—- happy, loving and peaceful.  Or, whatever it is for you.  Then, you decide how to RESPOND to whatever happens in your life.  The choice is to be happy or blame.  No, it doesn’t come in that instance.  But, in the back of your mind, you remember, I can choose happy or peace, instead of this rant or by making the other person wrong.  It’s the continuous reminders and focusing on what you want that will change your life.


Wake up so you can create the life you desire in spite of all that is happening around you.


Decide what that can look like for you by making little changes: 


Only engage with people and situations you know will push your buttons as little as possible.


Commit to your life values and live them.  Yes, you will be tested but that’s where walking the talk comes in. You become the adult.  You decide what’s right for you.  



It’s time to rise above.  It’s time to honor the life you’ve been given and live it well.


Your rights aren’t taken away from you.  You have the choice of how to live.


Life is giving you an opportunity to live from Higher principles of love, kindness and grace.  


Take time to recalibrate and see where you CAN take more responsibility for the life you desire instead of blaming others that you can’t do what you want.


Are you willing to step up and awaken to a kinder more loving space?


Take responsibility.