How Worthy Do You Feel Since You Retired?


Does getting older mean you no longer matter? Or is it from retirement you feel that way?


The transitions with retirement and aging can make you feel lost and uncertain how to feel relevant again. You shed roles, titles, connections and purpose that you had from your career. All which defined you.


Finding yourself in this unfamiliar place can catch you by surprise and be quite disorienting. Especially when you had a career where you felt valued and valuable.


How do you replace that?


Use this time as an opportunity to redefine who you are and how you feel relevant.

Realize retirement is another phase of life where familiar markers are not there. Lots of things are changing, internally and externally. Probably the map of life you have used is outdated and creating somethings that are unsettling in you.


You aren’t sure of your worth anymore.


I know for me it has been a longer process than I realized to sense that confidence again, to feel like I had anything worthy of sharing.


My purpose and value now come from my mission – How can I help the most people thrive in this chapter of life? That is my focus and commitment and I feel excited and fulfilled.


It’s one of the reasons I love my work, Creating Your Legacy. It reminds you of what you love, what you love to do and what you are good at. It helps you see the light of life again, realize that you are relevant, you do have meaning and purpose.


I presented at the Oklahoma Retired Educators’ Association this past week. It was so fun to see the people light up, think about what matters to them, what they have put off for so long.


No matter what age you are, you want to matter and do something significant with your life. I had a number of people in my sessions from the Silent Generation, one man was 92. I loved it. He said the session gave him some ideas of things he could do. How amazing is that!


What metamorphosis are you going through whether it’s from aging or retirement? Are you feeling valued? Do you need a boost?


Think about how you handled a previous transition where you were in uncharted territory. Whether that was becoming an empty-nester or losing a partner.   How did you begin again creating your new life at that time? What successes do you have to use from that experience?


Begin sharing your gifts with others. Notice what a difference you make. It helps you remember no matter how old you are, that you have something to contribute.


You have the ability to grow and change into this new chapter of life. It will allow you to see yourself from a new perspective. It’s freeing.


And, isn’t that what retirement is all about? Free to be you.


Construct your new narrative of retirement so that you feel worthy and valued. The world is waiting for what you have to share.