How You Can Have an Incredible Day

If you are ready for a game-changer in your life, take time daily to show gratitude and appreciation. The Universe LOVES gratitude!!! How are you taking advantage of how this tool can amp up your life and desires?

  • November is the perfect month to begin adding tidbits of thanks to your life.
  • It’s easy to be grateful for a great Thanksgiving meal.
  • Add a little spice to it and share appreciation for all the people who made that possible for you.
  • Use a gratitude journal each day.

William Ward shares, “God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say “thank you?”

You can attract whatever you desire with gratitude and appreciation. The way to change your world is to find things in your life in which you are grateful. What you appreciate expands.

I remember years ago when I first learned about using gratitude I was going through my divorce. My mind was so hardened and I was bitter, I couldn’t even think of things to be grateful for in my life. So embarrassing. I had SO MUCH to be grateful for because I had wonderful children, a great job, friends, a beautiful house and a great supportive family, etc.

Where could you use this month of Thanksgiving to show more gratitude and appreciation and not be like me that couldn’t even see it before my eyes?

Who would be three (3) people you could show some appreciation and gratitude for? Take some time to write them a note or email and let them know how they make a difference for you. Then notice, what an incredible day you have made!

Share with me below ways your life has changed because of receiving or giving thanks.