How You Think Determines What You Experience


Are you a glass half full person or glass half empty person?


I know situations can create negative feelings and energy but you have a choice about how you to respond or react to those based on what you are thinking.


Did you know that 80% of anything is your attitude or what you are thinking about it and only 20 percent is the strategy or skills to do it? Think about golfers as they approach a waterhole. Do they think more about the spot they want their ball to hit across the water or worry about it going in the water? Do you believe you can have the vacation of your dreams or are you reciting all the excuses about why it can’t happen?


You experience what you think about.


Your thoughts create your reality.


Your thoughts can either move you forward or sink you deeper.


Did you know you have approximately 60,000 thoughts in a day, and like 80-90% are the same ones you thought yesterday? And, some 75% are negative.


A key to changing how you are feeling about your life is notice the story you keep telling. Is it about how you want your life?


Because whatever story you are telling is what you will experience.


Here’s an example – most people are afraid of public speaking. They stay focused on the threat of it or how hard it is. Guess what, they will stay afraid because of their thoughts and the stories they are telling.


What if instead, your thoughts and stories were more about being excited about speaking. You were saying bring it on. Your focus was that your jitters are just telling you how excited you are to have this speaking opportunity.


A different perspective of how life will be for you – the self-fulfilling prophecy.


Your thoughts determine how you see and perceive life.


If you are suffering, choose ways to focus more on healing rather than stay in the pain and hurt. Choose some better feeling thoughts.


As Iyanla Vanzant writes, everyone has dominant negative thought patterns that are not helping have the life you want. Like distrust. Maybe you have a reason to distrust. Like if you have been hurt by someone who did something to you.

But if you keep this pattern of always looking over your shoulder and not believing or trusting, guess what you are attracting to your life. Lots of opportunities of distrust into your life.


Yes, be cautious as you build that muscle back up. But take baby steps to trusting again. Don’t stay in the distrust. Make choices to help you move forward to have a more trusting life. Acknowledge times when you are able to trust again. For instance like, you did what you said you would do, you made a good choice, others did what they said they would, etc.   You trusted.


You want to look for the good. And, slowly you trust more and more.


It starts with your thinking.  


Whenever you notice your life is not like you want, look at your thoughts.


Remember, how you think determines what you experience.


This is why AWARENESS is so important. You need to know what is leading your life, like the distrust.


You will experience the type of life you are thinking about. Always ask, is it what you want?


Change your thinking, change your life.


Fill your world with thoughts that make you feel good, books and podcasts that lift you up and guide you in the direction you want to go. I have stickies all around reminding me of positive thoughts. I have a morning routine of meditation and spiritual readings that fill my mind with the direction I want to go for the day.


Notice your routines and habits. Are they helping you experience the life you want?


Change your thinking, change your life.


Little by little, you will notice your experiences change when you change your thinking.