Ready to let go of some stress in your life? 


No need to struggle and keep the pressure on yourself.


Simply notice the pleasures of life.


In that awareness, you will find more fulfillment with your life.   You will feel lighter and more content. 


Amazing how everything is right before you if you tune into it.


Being an A-type personality and a task masker, it’s been a hard lesson to understand how to enjoy the journey when I’m focused on the goal, the destination,  or the accomplishment.


As I’ve been forced to change my routines since my knee injuries, I’ve slowed down and realized how much I zip on past the simple pleasures of life.


For instance, taking a shower.  For me, it’s about getting in there wash and get out.  Where is the pleasure?  How can I treasure how good my body is to me?  How can I feel the water running on my body?  The smell of the soap and shampoo? 


Life has been trying to get my attention.   And, I ignored it until it took control.


How are you letting the busyness of life rob you of the best parts of life? 


Notice if you don’t have time to slow down to smell the roses. 


How could you expand your awareness, a simple shift in perspective?


Here’s an example.  A man we met at an RV park we visited, shared with us about the “3 – twos.”


Be at the park by 2

Spend at least 2 days at each place you visit

Only go 200 miles in a day


I think both our mouths dropped.  What, that’s like wasted time.  Immediately Bo and I were thinking about our trip we wanted to take to Montana to visit his brother and family.  Our minds were on how quickly we could get there.  We wanted to enjoy our time there. 


We weren’t thinking about smelling the roses along the way.


We haven’t shifted our mindset to the purpose of having an RV is to slow down and enjoy mother nature and the beauty she has to offer by just being.


For me, it was about how we could visit as many National Parks and find new biking and hiking trails.


When you are always moving from task to task, there’s not much space to listen or see what’s trying to come to you. 


I’ve missed out on simple pleasures — even noticing them because I was thinking about the destination.


I realized that is how I do everything. 


Go to the grocery store, get what I need.  What about enjoying all the produce, the colors and the people?


Take a walk, get it done, yes, there’s some notice of the animals and the beauty but my main focus has been on the task.  


Even though I enjoy the time with Bo or how much nature is important to my soul.  It’s been from my head not from feeling the pleasure, nourishment or fulfillment these give me.


It’s just a shift in perspective.  Going from my head to my heart.  Being, not always doing.


Wow, how I’ve missed some precious moments. 


Life is meant to be felt, savored.  I mean, I enjoy my activities and my life from my head.   A big aha last week was, my daughter and I were taking a walk with her boys, 6 & 4.  They were enjoying picking up the different color leaves, branches that look like antlers which they said were elk antlers.  Every section where we walked they had a story or something that attracted their attention.  It was blissful. 


I was pleased.  I felt a shift inside.  I could savor the moments, the excitement they had.  I wasn’t in a hurry.  I was feeling.


I was just being and taking it all in.


Not hurrying to get the next task done.  Or, thinking or worrying about what was next.


Understand there are treasures right where you are. 


Realize how tasks can be seen as feeding your soul and giving meaning to you, feeling the pleasures.


You have to feel it and acknowledge it.  Not just do it.

It changes everything from hurry and get it done to feeling peace and blessed.


A big life lesson was trying to get through for me was to SLOW DOWN.   Enjoy the journey.  The journey of life.  The journey of raising a family.  The journey of retirement.


It’s been a great awakening to see how my thinking has limited the depth of what I  experienced.  It’s been a great awakening in how to enjoy life in deeper ways. 


Life is about fulfillment, pleasure. 


What is trying to emerge in your life today? 


What’s presenting itself to you that you are missing, not tuning into?


Think about how much more peaceful and content your life can be by simply shifting your focus from how busy you are to focusing what brings you pleasure and fulfillment. 


Enjoy the journey, not just the destination.  And see how miracles will happen.