If It’s Not About Changing Circumstances, Who Needs To Change?


Life’s meaning doesn’t lie in things, it is the meaning you have given to them.

Look at the world around you and how many things you want differently.

What if life is perfectly orchestrated to help you and I to be our Highest Self? As hard as it is on me, and I know others, I do believe the chaos is needed to garner our attention. I believe there are opportunities for each of us to be more connected, more compassionate and more loving.

Think about where you have chosen to be on the sidelines more than involved in a situation that is disturbing you. Maybe it has become so bad, you’ve reached your tipping point and are now willing to speak up or lead a cause.

I think we are in a real awakening.

I think an awakening we have to reckon with is the disparity in wealth. For me, my struggle isn’t with people having it but the power behind it and the abuses of the “bullying” around it. For me, it’s in the way we have defined what’s valued.

Take success. What is it for you?

  • Is it having a certain title?
  • Is it having a certain income?
  • Is it having peace and fulfillment in your life?

Whatever your definition is will be how you lead your life and determine what’s important to you. And, how you treat others.

It matters.

For instance, think about the lobbying efforts whether nationally or in your state. The big money speaks because we have allowed it. Individuals have lost their voice.

There’s no successful life without peace and fulfillment. Not just for you, but for what others have too.

Too often when success is defined by the material world, it’s controlling you, there’s never enough.

For many years, I chased the external validation of what I thought success was – the degrees, the prestige and the money. Nowadays, my success is more about feeling content, listening to what’s calling me and how I am living true to my own values.

When I thought I was being “successful” based on external factors, there was no trace of peace, there was obsession with always having to do more.

I realized I was the one who needed to change to live a life of peace, joy and fulfillment.

It was Stephen Covey’s Seven Habit of Highly Effective People that changed my thinking and changed my life. It was that shift in perception and focus. Focusing on the meaningful of what a difference I was making in lives rather than chasing looking

I needed to define what mattered to me. What were my needs and values? And, then how was my life aligned with that – beyond the words of saying it. More like walking the talk. Little shift, big results.

Have we gone too far?

What has captured your attention today that you can’t stand? And now needs you to become involved?

Look at the millennials. Success is so different for them. The degrees and material things aren’t bad. We allowed that focus too much power and pain and have lost sight of what’s really important.

Millennials want products from socially conscious businesses. They are less materialistic. They are more about causes and the impact on lives.

The pendulum is swinging.

Collectively people are becoming more demanding.

Let the circumstances of life capture your attention. Then decide what is right for you, that only you can share and give. Use this upheaval today as a catalyst to open a whole new world of possibilities for you and the evolution of mankind.

What’s calling you?