If You Knew Everything Was Happening For You, Would Your Life Change?


I know mine would. I wouldn’t be in so much resistance. I wouldn’t wish this would happen, or like the recent shootings wouldn’t. My list goes on and on. Being in resistance doesn’t help change things.


Remember, the answer to the problem can’t be solved on the same level it was created.


What if, instead, you could step back and see how all these are opportunities to love more and be the shining light that others need to be reminded of. Or hold someone else up that maybe can’t see that for themselves?


Abraham-Hick says it best, “You cannot get poor enough to help poor people thrive or sick enough to help sick people get well. You only ever uplift from your position of strength and clarity and alignment.”


If attitude is approximately 90% of what happens, how are you looking at life and what’s happening now?


Think of the mantra, “Don’t worry, be happy.” Can you keep that attitude as life unfolds?


As Oprah says, “True forgiveness is when you can say, ‘Thank you for that experience.”‘


It’s not easy at times. Life can feel overwhelming or like pure hell like there is no way out, like life is hard and unbearable.


All of that can be true. But a whole lot of it is how you see it.


Where are you looking?


What are you carrying in you?


What is the focus of your life, and how would that change? Is it kindness or caring? What great value that is. What a great role model you can be for so many. But know your lessons will be everything, unlike what will happen in your life. And, your quest is to stay in your power, not over-give or lose yourself. You probably attract many people who take, abuse or wear you out. Because usually, you have lost your boundaries, you believe nice, and kind people don’t say NO. Know yourself. Know what’s pulling you out of your Highest and Greatest.


See how life can be for you. Helping you own it all. Allowing life to be what it is.


I thought I knew what was right and wrong, not just for me but for everybody. Instead of being so judgmental and disapproving, what if I could realize that life was trying to get my attention to show me how to be more accepting and tolerant, how to be neutral about things happening. That other’s business was not mine to know how life was unfolding for them. I can have opinions about things and situations I don’t like, but I use that to propel me upward rather than add more density and muck. Thinking I know best.


I could realize life was doing what it needed to capture my attention and get me into action.


You can have in your life whatever you are willing to be.


If you knew everything was love or a call to love, can you savor how life is trying to return you to the love you are? It’s trying to smooth the rough edges. Life is for you.


Could that help you relieve some of the stress and uncertainty in your life?


Could you see how through whatever you are experiencing, the true meaning is for you to notice how you are – in love or fear?


Be open to new ways to experience life. Be available to see life in new ways.




Allow life to prosper you, and see all the gifts life brings to you.