Is Today The Right Time For Your Body To Be Getting Healthier?


It’s springtime.  It’s an easy time to get outdoors more.  It’s brighter.  It’s easier to think and feel more cheerful.


What do you need today to feel healthier and at your best?  


Know that your mind, body, and spirit work together.


Think about what you use to determine what being healthy is for you.


Is it a weight on the scales?

Is it a certain size?

Is it how you feel?

Is it how you move about?

Is it eating the “right” foods?


What factors are you using to determine how healthy you are?


How can you use “Food As Medicine” and become healthier?  The truth is food can be good for you but it can also be harmful.  Look at our society today.  In 2018, Oklahoma was the 10th highest state in obesity with 34.8% of the population obese.  As of September 2020, we were 4th in the nation.


Think about eating only quality foods.  Or, no snacks after dinner.  


What little ways can you become healthier today?


As Dr. Alan Christianson says, “A fatty liver is not just the consequence of weight gain, it can also be the cause of weight gain.”  


How can you do an elimination diet to help you reset your metabolism and clean your liver?  It will show you many results.  


Whether you are allergic to some foods.  

How certain foods inflame your body.

How you retain weight or fat around your waist.


Take 21-days to listen to your body and see what it’s needing.


How at peace is your mind?  


According to the American Psychological Association, “Chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide. And more than 75 percent of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.”


Knowing the impact stress has not just on your mind but your body can help you realize the importance of finding ways to engage in a more relaxing lifestyle.


Change your thinking, change your life. 


80-90% of life is your attitude.  

Your thoughts create your reality.


Are you loving the pace of your life and the health you have?


Being healthy is moving your body.  Three things tend to happen to our muscles as we age, Professor Reaburn says. “The first is muscle strength and power decline linearly from around 30 or 35 to 50 years, then faster between 50 and 60 or 65, then drop off after 65.”


What are you doing to help you strengthen your body?


Another one of my favorite reminders is – change your physiology, change your life.  It doesn’t have to be running a marathon but get up and move around –  sway, stretch or walk.  I love challenges.  They keep me motivated to push myself more.  Walk with a friend to help you be consistent.  Ramp up your mileage every so often.


Are you sleeping 7 hours a night?  Your body needs time to restore.


Finally, how are you connecting to your Higher Power?  


Are you slowing down?  Meditating?  Connecting to the Oneness greater than you?


Are you being of service?


Quit listening to all the ads and media about the products and diets that you should be doing.  


Take time to listen to what your body needs.  


You have been given enough information over your lifetime.  Now it’s time to find practices that you need today to be your healthiest.  


You know where your focus should be.  Whether it’s the foods you are choosing, the inactivity or the bad attitude.  


What is one step that is calling you toward a healthier lifestyle?